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Machen, J.G. – Brief Bible History Survey

A Brief Bible History Survey of the Old Testament and New Testament
By J. Gresham Machen

This is a historical survey of the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is very brief in its treatment. Although Machen does not go very deeply into the text, it is an excellent overview of the Bible from a historical point of view. Continue reading

Machen-brief-bible-history-survey-of-ot-nt Bok
Machen-brief-bible-history-survey-of-ot-nt Bok
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Mercer, A.G. – Bible Characters

Bible Characters
Being Selections from Sermons
by Alexander Gardiner Mercer, D.D. (1817-1882)
With a Brief Memoir of Him by Manton Marble and a Portrait
New York & London
G. P Putnam’s Sons
Copyright by
G. P. Putnam’s Sons
Memoir of Rev. Dr. Mercer
Abraham 1
Isaac 14
Jacob and Esau 24
Jacob’s Vision, Consecration, and Vow 39
Joseph 55
Caleb 66
Joshua 77
Eli  80
David 100
David: His Sin and Repentance …… 114
Jabez 124
Mary 133
John the Baptist 151
The Greatness of John the Baptist 165
Nicodemus  170
Simon Peter 183
Zaccheus 190
Peter’s Denial 208
Pontius Pilate, the Governor .221
Judas Iscariot 232
Stephen 244
Saul of Tarsus 256
Paul and Barnabus 271
Paul at Athens 284
Gallio 292
Paul before Felix 302
Paul before Festus 312
Paul at Melita 320

Continue reading

Mercer-bible-characters Bok
Mercer-bible-characters Bok
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Mauro, P. – The Hope of Israel: What Is It?

The Hope of Israel: What Is It?
By Philip Mauro (1922)

“Not giving heed to Jewish fables” – Titus 1:14

A study on what is Israel’s expectation and hope in the light of biblical revelation. In these 20 chapters Mauro traces from the Old Testament promises to Israel to the New Testament change, and the future changes in the end times up through the millennium. Continue reading

Mauro-hope-of-israel-what-is-it Bok
Mauro-hope-of-israel-what-is-it Bok
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Moorehead, W.G. – Outline Studies in the Books of the Old Testament

Outline Studies in the Books of the Old Testament
by Prof. William G. Moorehead
Copyright © 1893

by Fleming H. Revell Company

In this 41 chapter book by Professir Moorehead (I am not sure of Moorehead’s affiliation, except that he was with D.L. Moody and Moody Bible Institute, so he was probably Congregationalist. He did work on the Scofield Bible Reference Notes, and that group was mainly Brethren-Dispensationalist), he examines the OT. Basically this is like an Old Testament Survey Book. Continue reading

Moorehead-outline-studies-in-the-books-of-ot Bok
Moorehead-outline-studies-in-the-books-of-ot Bok
1.6 MB