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Law, H. – Christ in the Pentateuch

Christ in the Pentateuch is a compilation of works by Henry Law on the Pentateuch, The Gospel in Genesis, The Gospel in Exodus, The Gospel in Leviticus, The Gospel in Numbers, and The Gospel in Deuteronomy.

Christ in the Pentateuch
By Henry Law

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Law-h-christ-is-all-the-gospel-of-the-pentateuch Cmt
Law-h-christ-is-all-the-gospel-of-the-pentateuch Cmt
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Bellett, J.G. – Short Meditations on the Psalms

Short Meditations on the Psalms,
Chiefly in their Prophetic Character.
J. G. Bellett.
(Rouse 1892)

“All things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning Me.” — Luke 24: 44.
“David speaketh concerning Him.” — Acts 2: 25.

This is a commentary on Psalms by Bellett (Brethren).

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Bellett, J.G. – Witnesses for God

Bellett, J.G. – Witnesses for God Being studies and meditations on the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. This is a 5 chapter work on these three books.

Witnesses for God
In Dark and Evil Times
By J. G. Bellett.

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Bellett-witnesses-for-god Bok
Bellett-witnesses-for-god Bok
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