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Andrews Life of Our Lord upon the Earth

Andrews good study on the life of our Lord on earth Christ which breaks uo the life of Christ and examines individual sections

Table of Contents of Andrews, Samuel – Life of our Lord upon the Earth

Chronological Essays

Part I

Anunciation to Zacharias to Baptism – 3-9 Oct., 748. 6 B.C.
Zacharias and Elisabeth – Oct., 748-March, 749. 6-5 B.C.
The Mother of the Lord – March-April, 749. 5 B.C.
Joseph Takes Mary Home – March-April, 749. 5 B.C.
After the Birth of John – June, 749. 5 B.C.
The Taxing of Augustus – Dec., 749. 5 B.C.
Cave of the Nativity – Dec., 749. 5 B.C.
The Angel and Shepherds – Dec., 749. 5 B.C.
The Presentation of Jesus – Jan.-Feb., 750. 4 B.C.
The Coming of the Magi – Feb., 750. 4 B.C.
Jesus in Egypt – Feb.-May, 750. 4 B.C.
Jesus with the Doctors – April 8, 761. A.D. 8.

Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit: A Biblical Study on the Holy Ghost is a 25 chapter work on the Holy Spirit from 1896. NT and OT verses. Some Chapters: 4. The Spirit in the Word, 7. Pentecost: What it was, and what it did, 9. What Pentecost was for the church, 10. Pentecost in relation to the individual believer now, 11. "Baptism in the Spirit:" His being received, His "falling" on men, and other expressions. 21. Power. 23. Temples of the Holy Spirit. 315 pages.
theWord Format: Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit
PDF Format: Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit
eSword Format: Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit
MySword Format: Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit

Part II

The Divisions of the Lord’s Ministry
The Lord’s Ministry in Judea
John Begins to Baptize
Summer of 779. 26 A.D.
John’s Testimony to Jesus
Jan.-Feb., 780 A.D. 27
Marriage at Cana
Feb.-April, 780. A.D. 27
The First Purification of the Temple
Passover, April 11-18, 780. A.D. 27
Relations of Christ’s Baptism to That of John
Dec., 780-March, 781. A.D. 27-28
Second Passover of His Ministry
Passover, March 30-April 5, 781. A.D. 28.

Part III

Upon the Lord’s Ministry in Galilee to the Death of the Baptist
The Baptist’s Imprisonment – April, 781. A.D. 28
Circuits in Galilee – April-May, 781. A.D. 28.
First Circuit in Galilee – May, 781. A.D. 28.
The Call of Levi – Summer, 781. A.D. 28.
Plucking the Ears of Corn – Summer, 781. A.D. 28.
The Choice of the Twelve – Midsummer, 781. A.D. 28.
Jesus at Nain – Midsummer, 781. A.D. 28.
The Message of the Baptist to Jesus – Midsummer, 781. A.D. 28.
Anointing at the House of Simon – Autumn, 781. A.D. 28.
Healing the Blind and Dumb Possessed – Autumn, 781. A.D. 28.
First Teaching in Parables – Autumn, 781. A.D. 28.
The Demoniacs at Gergesa – Autumn, 781. A.D. 28.
The Feast of Levi – Autumn, 781. A.D. 28.
Two Blind Men – Autumn, 781-782. A.D. 28-29.
Second Visit at Nazareth – Winter, 782. A.D. 29.

Part IV

Later Ministry in Galilee – Second Crossing the Sea
Jesus in the Land of Gennesaret
Pharisees and Scribes from Jerusalem – Summer, 782. A.D. 29.
The Pharisees Seek a Sign from Heaven – Summer 782. A.D. 29.
Time of the Transfiguration – Summer, 782. A.D. 29.
John the Baptist and Elijah –  Summer, 782. A.D. 29.
Ambition of the Apostles – Autumn, 782. A.D. 29.
Attempt to Arrest the Lord – 11th-18th Oct. 782. A.D. 29.
Jesus Teaches in the Temple – Oct. 782. A.D. 29.

Part V

The Final Departure from Galilee – Nov. 782. A.D. 29.
Jesus Journeys in Perea – Nov. 782. A.D. 29.
Jesus Dines with a Pharisee – Nov.-Dec. 782. A.D. 29.
Jesus Heals an Infirm Woman – Nov.-Dec. 782. A.D. 29.
The Feast of Dedication – Dec. 782. A.D. 29.
Healing of a Man with the Dropsy – Dec. 782. A.D. 29.
The Resurrection of Lazarus – Jan.-Feb. 783. A.D. 30.
Jesus Departs from Ephraim – Feb.-March, 783. A.D. 30.
Ambition of James and John – March, 783. A.D. 30.
Healing of Blind Men at Jericho – March, 783. A.D. 30.

Part VI

Arrival at Bethany – Friday, 31st March-Saturday, 1st April.
Bethpage and Bethany – Sunday, 2d April, 10th Nisan, 783. A.D. 30.
Second Purification of the Temple – Monday, 3d April, 11th Nisan, 783. A.D. 30.
Last Teaching in the Temple – Tuesday, 4th April, 12th Nisan, 783. A.D. 30.
Peter and John Prepare the Passover – Wednesday, 5th April, 13th Nisan, 783. A.D. 30.
Did Jesus Eat the True Paschal Supper? – Thursday, 6th April, 14th Nisan, 783. A.D. 30.
Events of the Paschal Supper – Thursday Eve, 14th Nisan, 6th April.
Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denials – Evening Following Thursday, 14th Nisan, 6th April
Jesus Goes to Gethsemane – Evening Following Thursday, 14th Nisan, 6th April
Approach of Judas with Soldiers – Evening Following Thursday, 14th Nisan, 6th April.
Jesus Taken to Annas – Friday Morning, 15th Nisan, 7th April.
Second Session of the Sanhedrim – Friday Morning, 15th Nisan, 7th April, 783. A.D. 30.
Site of the Pretorium – Firday Morning, 15th Nisan, 9th April, 783. A.D. 30.
Hour of the Crucifixion – Friday, 15th Nisan, 783. A.D. 30
Jesus Commends His Mother to John – Friday, 15th Nisan, 7th April, 783. A.D. 30.
Legs of the Malefactors Broken – Friday, 15th Nisan, 7th April, 783. A.D. 30.

Part VII

Jesus the Risen One – Sunday, 17th Nisan, 9th April
Two Disciples at Emmaus – Sunday, 17th Nisan, 9th April, 783.
Second Appearance to the Eleven – Sunday, 24th Nisan, 16th April, 783.
Appearance at the Sea of Tiberias – April-May, 783. A.D. 30.
Gathering of Disciples at Jerusalem – Thursday, May 18th, 783. A.D. 30.

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fam42 The Foolish Child
explains what the Bible teaches on fools and foolishness, and also a parent's solution to a foolish child.
Excerpts: Ecclesiastes 4:13 Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished. A fool is a person who rejects advice.
We can define the concept of foolishness as the lack of values and vision toward eternity, toward spiritual things. In other words, this person lives focusing on things that the person wants, and he does not pay attention to what God says as being important, or how God says we should live.
Proverbs 18:2 A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.
The basis of being wise is that you do not limit yourself, to just what you think you know. A wise person opens his thinking to the wisdom and advice of others, and weighs others’ opinions to see if they are right or not. The foolish only considers what he himself thinks, or what other fools like him think.

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