Chadwell Becoming God’s Spiritual Person

Becoming God’s Spiritual Person

By David W. Chadwell
March, 2010


This is a 13 chapter work which challenges the reader to realize there is a difference between being religious and being spiritual.  It affirms the continuing involvement of the activity of the divine in our salvation.  It challenges all in Christ to seek spirituality.  It challenges the reader to think.  It does not challenge readers to conform to specific values or concepts.

Evaluation by David Cox

Personally I do not agree with everything the Church of Christ people would hold to, most notably their position on Baptism, but overall they do produce some good works when it comes to books and sermons and things. I would recommend this work.

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Marshall, W. – The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

by Walter Marshall

First published in 1692

Walter Marshall was an English Presbyterian minister – a Puritan – best known today for this excellent work on sanctification. Born in 1628, he was forced to leave his parish in the infamous Great Ejection of 1662. However, he remained faithful to the call of God, shortly finding another congregation which he pastored until his death in 1680.

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