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MacKintosh, C.H. – Ministry

By C.H.Mackintosh

This is a three chapter work by C.H. Mackintosh (Plymouth Brethren) on 1) the house of God and God’s servant, 2) the Unequal Yoke, and 3) the Remnant. Continue reading

Mackintosh-c-h-ministry Bok
Mackintosh-c-h-ministry Bok
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Gordon, S.D. – Quiet Talks on Service

Quiet Talks on Service

By S. D. Gordon
Author of “Quiet Talks on Power” and “Quiet Talks on Prayer”

In this 8 chapter work by Gordon (Congregationalist, Baptist) he presents us with meditations on our Christian Service. His chapter are person contact with Jesus or the beginning of service, the perspoective of service, the rhythm of service, the motive-power of service, the ambition of service, the golden channel of service, a hindrance to service, and sifted for service. Continue reading

Gordon-quiet-talks-on-service Bok
Gordon-quiet-talks-on-service Bok
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Abbott, L. – The Christian Ministry

The Christian Ministry

by Lyman Abbott (1835-1922)
Boston and New York
Houghton, Mifflin and Company
Copyright 1905 by Lyman Abbott
All Rights Reserved Published May 1905

Christian Ministry To the Christian Ministers who are attempting to impart that acquaintance with God which is the secret of life this volume is dedicated. Christian Ministry Continue reading

Abbott - The Christian Mministry Bok
Abbott - The Christian Mministry Bok
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Stalker, J. – The Preacher and His Models

The Preacher and His Models

The Yale Lectures On Preaching, 1891
on Preacher and His Models
by the Rev. James Stalker, D.D.
Copyright, 1891, by a.C. Armstrong & Son.

Summary of Preacher and His Models

In this 9 chapter work, Stalker (Scottish Presbyterian) profiles a biblical preacher as a Man of God, a Patriot, a man of the Word, a False Prophet, a Man, a Christian, an Apostle, a Thinker, and then ends with an appendix “An Ordination charge.” Preacher and His Models

Continue reading

Stalker-the-preacher-and-his-models Bok
Stalker-the-preacher-and-his-models Bok
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Bricknell, W.S. – Preaching: Its Warrant, Subject, and Effects

Preaching: Its Warrant, Subject, and Effects

Considered with Reference to the Tracts for the Times.

By William Simcox Bricknell


This is a brief 8 chapter work by Bricknell (b1806) on Preaching. He examines the warrant and object of Paul’s commission, the subject and effects of Paul’s preaching, and the conviction and consolation through preaching on the Cross of Christ. His appendices are admonitions for preachers, Sacraments versus Preaching as source of divine grace, the atonement not to held forth for conversion of impenitent, grievous misrepresentation of the views and teaching of Tractarians “Ultra-Protestant Party, and some extracts from Froude’s remains. I have not tracked down everything yet, but basically this looks to be an Anglican work dealing with “Tractarians” which would be people who attack issues in the religious environment with tracts (pamphlets).  Continue reading

Bricknell-preaching-warrant-subject-effects Bok
Bricknell-preaching-warrant-subject-effects Bok
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