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Macculloch, J. – The Attributes of God

Proofs and Illustrations of the Attributes of God, from the facts and laws of the Physical Universe being the foundation of Natural and revealed Religion.

By JOHN MACCULLOCH, M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.G.S., &c. &c.

‘The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the tilings that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead.”— Romans 1:20.


In this 72 chapter work (3 volumes), MacCulloch first presents the existence of the deity, the knowledge of the deity, and the wisdom of the deity. In volume 2 he presents us with the power of the deity, and in volume 3 the goodness and government of the deity.

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Macculloch-The Attributes of God
Macculloch-The Attributes of God
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Best God is Love

God Is Love
by W. E. Best
Copyright © 1986 W. E. Best

In this 10 chapter work by Best (Assembly of Christ), Pastor Best studies the love of God. He first looks at love as God declares “God is love”. Then he examines how the divine purpose guarantess the manifestation of God’s love, God’s love elects some, man cannot comprehend this divine love in election, love is discriminating, God loves some and hates others, the difference between God’s hate and wrath, the divine love calls the elect, and God sends his messengers to proclaim this love.

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Alford – Scriptural Doctrine of the Trinity

Alford – Scriptural Doctrine of the Trinity is 17 chapter book is a treatise on the Trinity.

The Manual: The Scriptural Doctrine Of The Trinity, Investigated And Defended

By M.W. Alford

This is 17 chapter book is a treatise on the Trinity.

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Alford-trinity Bok
Alford-trinity Bok
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