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Fitzwater, P.B. – Christian Theology

Christian Theology

A Systematic Presentation

by P. B. Fitzwater, D. D.


This is a 69 chapter systematic theology book which has sections on Holy Scriptures, Theology Proper, Anthropology, Deontology (duties), Soteriology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology.

Note that I did not follow his outlining through the work. It appears to me that some of his points are miss numbered. I do not think that there is material missing, just simply when he has a list of a, b, c, points under major point I., a lot of times he skips listing the a and goes directly into the text of a, and then list “b.” which causes some confusion. I did not attempt to fix this.

Evaluation by David Cox

Fitzwater was a doctrines teacher at Moody Bible Institute, so based on that I would suppose that the present work is very sound. It is very detailed so, I would consider this to be an excellent systematic theology. I would recommend this work. Continue reading

Fitzwater-christian-theology Bok
Fitzwater-christian-theology Bok
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Abbey-Overton – The English Church in the Eighteenth Century

The English Church in the Eighteenth Century
By Abbey and Overton

Abbey-Overton – The English Church in the Eighteenth Century is a book of English Church History written in 1896. Chapter titles include Robert Nelson, The Deists, Latitudinarian Churchmanship, Trinitarian Controversy, Enthusiasm, Church Absuses, Evangelical Revival, Church Fabrics and Services. (Full chapter contents follows …) Continue reading

Abbey-Overton - English Church in 18th century Bok
Abbey-Overton - English Church in 18th century Bok
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MacDougall The Old Testament Parables

The Old Testament Parables
by John MacDougall, B.D.

This is a rare book on the parables of the OT. These are for example the Ewe Lamb of David and Nathan, the Vineyard, the Woman of Tekoah, the king of the trees, the potter, the ploughman, etc. Continue reading

Macdougall-otparables Bok
Macdougall-otparables Bok
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Aitken, W.H. – The Doctrine of Baptism: Mechanical or Spiritual?

The Doctrine of Baptism: Mechanical or Spiritual?

In this Anglican work, the author examines Baptism from the perspective of the anglican point of view. His position is that baptism is spiritual, and even the baptism of babies will save their souls if the correct words and actions are performed, even though the baby, parents, god-parents, and priest are all completely unbelieving and uninterested in the events. Continue reading