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Bullinger, E.W. – Number in Scripture

Number in Scripture:
Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance

by E. W. Bullinger (1837-1913)
Fourth Edition, Revised.  1921

In this 16 chapter work on numerology, Bullinger (Brethren-HyperDispensationalist) presents the numerical representations of different numbers in the Bible.

“The works of the Lord are great, Sought out of all them have pleasure therein.” Ps. cxi. 2. Continue reading

Bullinger-number-in-scripture Bok
Bullinger-number-in-scripture Bok
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Kimble, E. – Hermeneutical Principles of Progressive Revelation

Biblical Theology: Hermeneutical Principles of Progressive Revelation

Eugene Kimble, Ph.D.

In this 13 page work by Kimble (Bob Jones University) he examines the progress of revelation of sacred truth. In this work he examines the steps or progress by which God has gradually revealed truth. His sections are: Organic Growth of Revelation, Progressive Revelation is the Key to Biblical Hermeneutics (three principles), and Conclusion.

Continue reading

Kimble-biblical-theology-hermeneutical-principles-of-progressive-revelation Bok
Kimble-biblical-theology-hermeneutical-principles-of-progressive-revelation Bok
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Eiselen, F.C. – The Christian View of the Old Testament

The Christian View of the Old Testament

By Frederick Carl Eiselen

Professor in Garrett Biblical Institute
Copyright, 1912

Printed in the United States of America
First Edition Printed September, 1912
Second Printing, June, 1913
Third Printing, May, 1916
Fourth Printing, November, 1917
Fifth Printing, September, 1921
Sixth Printing, September, 1923
Seventh Printing, October, 1925
Eighth Printing, July, 1928

This is a 6 chapter work on the Christian view of the OT. The way the NT views the OT, the OT and Modern Science, Modern Criticism, Archeology, Comparative Religion, and the permanent significance of the OT. Continue reading

Eiselen-christian-view-of-the-ot Bok
Eiselen-christian-view-of-the-ot Bok
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Anstey, M. – How to Master the Bible

How to Master the Bible
by Martin Anstey

This is an introductory book on Bible study. It has a few general chapters on the Bible then 7 chapters on how to Study the Bible, and a a final 4 chapters on mastering the Bible and our relationship with the Bible (Wield the Bible, Enthrone the Bible, Defend the Bible).


1. How to Understand the Bible
2. How to Enjoy the Bible
3. How to Authenticate the Bible
4. How to Study the Bible:
4A. The Synthetic Method, or Bible Study by Books
4B. The Parallel Method, or Bible Study by Marginal References
4C. The Topical Method, or Bible Study by Topics
4D. The Typical Method, or Bible Study by Types
4E. The Cyclopedic Method, or Bible Study by Bible Dictionary
4F. The Microscopic Method, or Bible Study by Concordance
4G. The Explanatory Method, or Bible Study by Commentary
5. How to Master the Bible
6. How to Wield the Bible
7. How to Enthrone the Bible
8. How to Defend the Bible