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Appelman, H.J. – God’s Answer to Man’s Sin

God’s Answer to Man’s Sin

by Hyman J. Appelman
Author, “Ye Must Be Born Again”
Copyright @ 1940
by Zondervan Publishing House

In this 9 Chapter book of sermons, God’s Answer to Man’s Sin, Appelman presents us with 9 sermons: God’s Answer to Man’s Sin, I am Debtor, Taking Christ’s Place, Soul Suicide, Scriptural Christianity, Blood Purge, The Price of Souls, I know there is a heaven.

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Appelman-Gods answer to mans sin
Appelman-Gods answer to mans sin
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Boettner Total Depravity

Total Depravity

Loraine Boettner

In this 7 chapter work on the Total Depravity of man, Boettner states the doctrine, and then examines the extent and effects of original sin, the defects in man’s “virtues”, the fall of man, the representative principle, and the goodness and severity of God. Continue reading

Boettner-total-depravity Bok
Boettner-total-depravity Bok
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