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Morgan, G.C. – Discipleship


by G. Campbell Morgan

This work by Pastor Morgan is a study on discipleship: becoming a Disciple, method of advancement, the disciple at home, at business at play, as a friend, at work for the Master, in sorrow, in joy, his home going, and in glory. Continue reading

Morgan-evangelism Bok
Morgan-evangelism Bok
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Boyd, R. – First Words to Young Christians

First Words to Young Christians
by Robert Boyd
WITH CHAPTERS ON How to Make a Success of the Christian Life, How to Use the Bible, AND Hints on True Christian Living
Sunday School Lessons, Sunday School Lessons for Kids
Copyright @ 1905

In this 15 chapter book, Boyd has chapters on issues of interest to new converts, such as making a public confession, spiritual growth, duties in the church, to the pastor, in the Sunday School, in the world, foes to grave, helps and hindrances in the Daily Life, the spiritual mind, hindrances to the spiritual mindedness, consecration, successful Christian, how to use the Bible, hints on Christian living.

Continue reading

Boyd-young-converts Bok
Boyd-young-converts Bok
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Bruce, A.B. – Training of the Twelve

Training of the Twelve
By Alexander Balmain Bruce (1831-1899)

In this 61 chapter work by Bruce (Free Church of Scotland), he presents us with Christ’s training of his 12 apostles. Some of his chapters are on personal evangelism, prayer, fasting, holiness, confronting the Pharisees and Sadducces. the coming cross, temper, the transfiguration, servanthood, etc. Continue reading

Bruce-training-of-twelve Bok
Bruce-training-of-twelve Bok
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