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Baxter, R. – Studies for Young Christians

Studies for Young Christians,
Beginners in Religion
by Richard Baxter  (1615-1691)

This chapter consists of twenty directions to (as Mr. Baxter says) “young Christians or beginners in religion, for their establishment and safe proceeding.” Though these studies were written specifically for “young” Christians, I think that you will find (as I did), there is much in here worthy of meditation for those who have been walking with God for many years. Continue reading

Baxter-a-study-for-young-christians Bok
Baxter-a-study-for-young-christians Bok
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Beza – Rights of Rulers Over Their Subjects

Concerning the Rights of Rulers Over Their Subjects and the Duty Of Subjects Towards Their Rulers.

By Theodore Beza

Summary: This is a 10 chapter work by Beza (French Reformater) that explores the relationship between the subjects and the ruler of a land from a biblical perspective.

A brief and clear treatise particularly indispensable to either class in these troubled times.

Translation by Henry-Louis Gonin, edited by Patrick S. Poole

Notes from the critical French Edition translated by Patrick S. Poole. This edition and translation © 1995 Patrick S. Poole ([email protected])

To Kings and Princes the Counsel of David: Psalm 2: Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for His wrath will soon be kindled.

To the Subjects: I Peter 2:13: Be subjects to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake. Continue reading

Beza-rights-of-rulers-over-subjects Bok
Beza-rights-of-rulers-over-subjects Bok
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Beauchamp Days of Blessing in Inland China

Days of Blessing in Inland China
by Beauchamp, M.
A tremendous record of the Cambridge Seven and J Hudson Taylor in Shan-si province, China during a period of revival. It contains first-hand accounts of the early ministries of C T Studd, Pastor Hsi, Cecil Polhill etc.

Continue reading

Beauchamp-days-of-blessing-inland-china Bok
Beauchamp-days-of-blessing-inland-china Bok
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Glover, T.R. – The Jesus of History

The Jesus of History

By Terrot Reaveley Glover (1869-1943)


In this 10 chaper work by Glover, he looks at the Jesus in the gospels, his childhood and youth, later Jesus as a man and then his mind. Jesus as a teacher, and his own teaching of God, on sin, and his choice to go to the cross.

Continue reading

Glover-the-jesus-of-history Bok
Glover-the-jesus-of-history Bok
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Brown, J. – Christ: The Way The Truth and The Life

Christ: The Way, The Truth, and The Life

by Rev. John Brown


In this work (29 chapters) by John Brown (Anglican) he examines John 14:6, concentrating on the meaning and application of the being of Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Some chapters deal with how Christ is made use of by God to achieve various things in the believer’s life. Continue reading

Brownj-christ-way-truth-life Bok
Brownj-christ-way-truth-life Bok
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