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Ironside Not Wrath but Rapture

Ironside Not Wrath but Rapture
By Dr. Harry Ironside

In this brief work (5 Chapters) by Ironside (Brethren), he presents us reasons why the Church will be raptured before the tribulation. His chapters run what is meant by the term “Great Tribulation”, It is not the time of the Church’s trouble, will saints be kept from the hour of temptation? which saints will be in the Great Tribulation? What is our Blessed Hope? Continue reading

Ironside-not-wrath-but-rapture Bok
Ironside-not-wrath-but-rapture Bok
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Bellett Answers to Objections about the Rapture

Answers to Objections about the Rapture.
By J. G. Bellett.

STEM Publishing: J. G. Bellett: Answers to Objections.

Bellett Answers to Objections about the Rapture is a single chapter work about refuting objections to the Rapture.

Continue reading

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Bellett-answers-to-objections-to-the-rapture Bok
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