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Alexander, J. – My Brothers Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper
by James Alexander (1838)

Letters from James Alexander (1804—1859) to his younger brother, on the virtues and vices, the duties and dangers of youth.

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Alexanderj-my-brothers-keeper Bok
Alexanderj-my-brothers-keeper Bok
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Abbott, J. – Gentle Child Training

Gentle Child Training
Gentle Measures in the Management and Training of the Young
By Jacob Abbott, 1871

The principles on which a firm parental authority may be established and maintained, without violence or anger, and the right development of the moral and mental capacities be promoted—by methods in harmony with the structure and the characteristics of the young mind. Continue reading

Abbott - Gentle Child Training Bok
Abbott - Gentle Child Training Bok
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Arthur, T.S. – Advice to Young Men on Their Duties and Conduct in Life

Advice to Young Men on Their Duties and Conduct in Life
By Timothy Shay Arthur, 1855

This is a 15 chapter work of advice to young men by Arthur. Arthur is not really a religious author per se, but his works do reflect a moral standard of the Bible. Continue reading

Arthur-Advice to young men
Arthur-Advice to young men
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