Machen, J.G. – Brief Bible History Survey

A Brief Bible History Survey of the Old Testament and New Testament
By J. Gresham Machen

This is a historical survey of the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is very brief in its treatment. Although Machen does not go very deeply into the text, it is an excellent overview of the Bible from a historical point of view.




1. Before Abraham Genesis 1-11.
2. The Patriarchs Gen 12-50.
3. Egyptian Bondage and Deliverance
4. Moses as Leader and Lawgiver Ex 2-4.
5. Conquest and Settlement of Canaan Joshua
6. Period of the Judges (Judges, Ruth)
7. Samuel and Saul Prophecy and Monarchy (1Sam)
8. David and Solomon Psalms and Wisdom
9. The Kingdom of Israel (1Ki12-2Ki17)
10. Kingdom of Judah to Hezekiah
11. Judah, from Hezekiah to the Exile
12. Exile and Restoration
13. Jewish State Under Persia
14. Israel’s Religious Life
15. “The Coming One”

1. The Preparation
2. The Coming of the Lord
3. The Baptism
4. The Early Judean Ministry
5. Beginning of the Galilaean Ministry
6. Period of Popularity
7. The Turning Point
8. Jesus as Messiah
9. The Prediction of the Cross
10. The Last Journeys
11. Teaching in the Temple
12. The Crucifixion
13. The Resurrection
14. Beginnings of the Christian Church
15. First Persecution
16. The Conversion of Paul
17. The Gospel Given to the Gentiles
18. The First Missionary Journey and the Apostolic Council
19. The Second Missionary Journey
20. The Third Missionary Journey.
21. The Third Missionary Journey.
22. The First Imprisonment of Paul
23. The Close of the Apostolic Age

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