This website is a library of book modules for the free Bible program MySword (www.mysword.info).

These modules for the Android program MySword are basically ported from e-Sword modules and theWord modules, and therefore, a secondary product of my websites (eswordlibrary.com and twmodules.com) for these two products.

Please note, I don’t have an android phone (I don’t even have a cell phone period!) so I am going blind on these modules. I did purchase a small tablet PC which is android to check some of the modules, but I lost the power cord to it and it charged down. What I am trying to say is that purely out of the goodness of my heart I am dedicating the time, energy, and effort out of a busy pastor’s schedule to make you guys modules for the mysword program.

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Please donate something to help keep me encouraged. Beyond giving a donation to me, the second most important thing you can do to keep me making these mysword modules is simply visit frequently this website, and talk up MySword to your friends so that I get more visitors.

When I did this type of thing years back for e-Sword for the PC Mobile platform, I made probably 50 modules, and out of all of them (a tremendous amount of work), I only had about 15 regular visitors to the website. I stopped spending my time in that endeavor because I didn’t see where it was worth the effort.

If you use mySword, please note, I don’t need you to donate hundreds of dollars to me, I just need you to use these modules, and if every month one person makes some sizeable donation (more than $10 dollars US), then  I will be happy.