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Boettner, L. – Limited Atonement

Limited Atonement

by Loraine Boettner

In this 9 chapter work, Boettner (Reformed, Presbyterian) presents us with the doctrine of the limited atonement, i.e. Christ only died for the elect. He first states the doctrine, the examines the infinite value of Christ’s atonement, the limited purpose and application of the atonement, Christ’s work as a perfect fulfillment of the law, a ransom, the divine purpose, and the exclusion of the non-elect. Continue reading

Boettner-limited-atonement Bok
Boettner-limited-atonement Bok
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Barnes The Atonement

Barnes The Atonement is a 9 chapter work on the Atonement by Barnes (Presbyterian) looking at various angles of the Atonement, such as objections, difficulties on the subject of pardon, embarrassments in human governments giving forgiveness, objects to be secured by an atonement, necessity of the atonement, nature of the atonement, and the extent of the atonement.

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Boettner, L – The Atonement

The Atonement

by Loraine Boettner


In this 6 chapter book, The Atonement Boettner (Reformed Presbyterian) examines the atonement. His chapters are the Atonement, the Significance of Christ’s Death, the Satisfaction View of the Atonement, the Active and Passive obedience of Christ, Christ as Our Redeemer, and the Representative Principle. Continue reading

Boettner-atonement Bok
Boettner-atonement Bok
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Machen, J.G. – Doctrine of Atonement

The Doctrine of the Atonement

by J. Gresham Machen


Three lectures on the Atonement by J. Gresham Machen. This work by Machen is a short 3 chapter work on the Atonement. First the doctrine of the Atonement, then Christ’s active obedience, and the final chapter is the Bible and the Cross. Continue reading

Machen-doctrine-of-atonement Bok
Machen-doctrine-of-atonement Bok
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