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Welcome to my MySword Site


MySword Website
This page updated as of august 17, 2017

Welcome! MySword is a free MySword android phone app. This app will allow you to search the Bible, read commentaries, dictionaries, and books on your Android Smartphone. If you have questions or problems, please post a commentary on the page of the module which you have a problem, or on this page. Continue reading

Alexander, J. – My Brothers Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper
by James Alexander (1838)

Letters from James Alexander (1804—1859) to his younger brother, on the virtues and vices, the duties and dangers of youth.

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Alexanderj-my-brothers-keeper Bok
Alexanderj-my-brothers-keeper Bok
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Curtis The Christian Faith

The Christian Faith
By Olin Alfred Curtis
Professor of Systematic Theology
Drew Theological Seminary

In this 46 chapter Systematic Theology, Curtis (Methodist) was a pastor and then a professor at Drew University. His three divisions are Man, Christian Religion, and the System of Doctrine (Jesus Christ).

New York: Eaton & Mains. Cincinnati: Jennings & Graham
Printed Book Copyright 1905

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Curtis-christian-faith Bok
Curtis-christian-faith Bok
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Dargan Art of Preaching in the Light of Its History

The Art of Preaching in the Light of Its History
by Edwin Charles Dargan

My Professor of Homiletics in the Southern Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Author of “a History of Preaching ” Etc. the Holland Lectures Given At the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, October, 1921.

New York
George H. Doran Company
Copyright, 1922,

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Dargan-art-preaching Bok
Dargan-art-preaching Bok
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Law, H. – Christ in the Pentateuch

Christ in the Pentateuch is a compilation of works by Henry Law on the Pentateuch, The Gospel in Genesis, The Gospel in Exodus, The Gospel in Leviticus, The Gospel in Numbers, and The Gospel in Deuteronomy.

Christ in the Pentateuch
By Henry Law

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Law-h-christ-is-all-the-gospel-of-the-pentateuch Cmt
Law-h-christ-is-all-the-gospel-of-the-pentateuch Cmt
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