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Dunn, M. – Founders Journal 2011-12

Founders Journal 2011-12

by Mark Dunn


These are Sunday School lessons from the Founders Journal, 2012-2013

Evaluation by David Cox

These are 52 weekly Sunday School classes which are shorter expositional works on different passages.

I recommend this work.

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Founders-journal-2012-13 Bok
Founders-journal-2012-13 Bok
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Alexander, J.L. – The Boy and the Sunday School

The Boy and the Sunday School

Sunday School By J. L. Alexander
Sunday School Lesson, Sunday School Lesson for Kids

This is a manual for Sunday School workers. It discusses various issues in working with young boys in the Sunday School context.

by JOHN L. ALEXANDER (1920) Continue reading

Alexanderj-boy-and-sunday-school Bok
Alexanderj-boy-and-sunday-school Bok
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