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Murray, A. – The Spirit of Christ

The Spirit of Christ
by Andew Murray

In this 31 chapter (month devotions) book by Andrew Murray (Deeper Life, Dutch Reformed), he examines the spirit of Christ. Continue reading

Murray-The Spirit of Christ
Murray-The Spirit of Christ
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Younce Face to Face with Tongues

Face to Face with Tongues:
A Verse by Verse Examination and Exposition On the Subject of Tongues
By: Dr. Max D. Younce
Heritage Baptist Bible Church
P.O. Box 573
Walnut Grove, Minnesota 56180
Copyright 2008

In this five chapter work, Pastor Younce (Baptist) examines the issue of speaking in tongues. He examines the purpose of tongues as in evidence to the Messiah, to the Jews, and to its message. The concentration of the gifts of the Spirit, the consummation of the gifts of the Spirit, the control of the gifts of the Spirit, and the commission, concern, and conclusion. Continue reading

Younce-face-to-face-with-tongues Bok
Younce-face-to-face-with-tongues Bok
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McConkey Three-Fold Secret of the Holy Spirit

Three-Fold Secret of the Holy Spirit
By James McConkey

In this 3 chapter work on the Holy Spirit, McConkey (Deeper Life) investigates the secret of the Holy Spirit in his incoming (Union), fullness (our yielding, and his constant manifestation.


I. The Secret of His Incoming
II. The Secret of His Fulness
III. The Secret of His Constant Manifestation Continue reading

Mcconkey-the-three-fold-secret-of-the-holy-spirit Bok
Mcconkey-the-three-fold-secret-of-the-holy-spirit Bok
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Moule Veni Creati

Moule Veni Creati is a well know (in past times) work on the Holy Spirit by H.G. C. Moule, (Anglican). It is a deep treatment of the Holy Spirit.

By H.G.C. Moule

Although Moule was an anglican bishop, in his time there were a number of anglican ministers along with Moule that rejected the Catholic Church´s teaching. At times there may be something that you will raise your eyebrows about, but in general, he has a lot of good things to say about his biblical topics. I would not say that I agree 100% with him, but he is a heavy theologian to read after. He has good points. He thinks deeply.

— DRCox

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