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Boettner, L. – Efficacious Grace

Efficacious Grace

Loraine Boettner

In this 8 chapter work by Boettner (Reformed, Presbyterian), he examines common (that being enjoyed by all people). He first looks to the Westminster Confession’s teaching, then the necessity of change, the inward change done by supernatural power, the effect produced in the soul, the sufficienc of Christ’s work — evangelicalism, the Arminian view of Universal Grace, No violation of Man’s free agency, and common Grace. Continue reading

Boettner-efficacious-grace Bok
Boettner-efficacious-grace Bok
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Boettner, L. – Salvation by Grace

Salvation by Grace

By Loraine Boettner

In this 5 chapter work on Salvation, Boettner examines the grace aspect of salvation looking at man not deserving of salvation, God’s pleasure to give or withhold, salvation isn’t earned, etc.

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Boettner-salvation-by-grace Bok
Boettner-salvation-by-grace Bok
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