Barnes Albert – Commentary

Barnes Albert – Commentary

by Albert Barnes

This is an excellent Bible commentary by the Presbyterian minister Albert Barnes.

Albert Barnes (1798-1870)

Albert Barnes was a Presbyterian minister who produced a number of valuable commentaries on the Bible. He wrote Old Testament commentaries on Job, Psalms, Isaiah, and Daniel, and a complete set on the New Testament. These works have been extremely popular in both Europe and the U.S., selling into the millions of copies, though his Old Testament productions are generally considered to be superior to the New Testament works — which were written mostly for Sunday school teachers.

Educated at Princeton seminary, Barnes was a dedicated student. He arose early in the morning and studied by lamplight — which sustained practice almost cost him his eyesight. For forty years he maintained an association with the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.

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Barnes-new-testament-notes(tw) Cmt
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Bullinger The Apocalypse (Revelation)

Bullinger The Apocalypse (Revelation)
The Apocalypse or “The Day of the Lord”
by E.W. Bullinger, D.D.
Second Edition (Revised and Corrected) 1909

Ths is an extensive commentary (36 chapters) on the book of Revelation by Bullinger (Brethren, Hyperdispensationalist). Bullinger The Apocalypse (Revelation) Continue reading

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Bullinger-the-apocalypse Bok
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McGarvey, J.W. – The Four-Fold Gospel/Acts

McGarvey – The Four-Fold Gospel/Acts

Author(s): McGarvey, John William
Module version: 1.0
Description: This resource encourages a deeper understanding of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ by harmonizing the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. McGarvey was a theologican in the American Restoration movement. He labored in College of the Bible (today it is Lexington Theological Seminary) in Kentucky, USA. He was noted for his opposition to theological liberalism and higher criticism. His writings are still influential among the heirs of the conservative wing of the Restoration Movement, the Churches of Christ and Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.

Mackintosh, C.H. – Notes on the Pentateuch

Notes on the Pentateuch – C. H. Mackintosh (CHMNP) Author(s): Mackintosh, Charles Henry

Description: This is a 189 chapter commentary on the Pentateuch by Plymouth Brethren writer Charles Henry Mackintosh. He participated in the great Irish Evangelical revival of 1859 and 1860. This present work is his most famous and noted work. He also worked with Charles Stanley. Continue reading