Church Polity

Bouwman Spiritual Order For the Church

Spiritual Order For the Church

by Clarence Bouwman


This is a quite extensive work on church polity from a Reformed perspective (which I would assume they have a tendency towards Presbyterian polity).

  • Key to the Church Order of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia
  • Key to the Church Order of the Canadian Reformed Churches

Evaluation by David Cox

This is another important document in the Dutch Reformed Church, and this document would hold importance for Reformed and Calvinist students in general. The document is arranged in 81 articles and 3 appendices. It would define the break between the Catholic Church and the Dutch Reformed, looking at arguments against Papal authority. This would make the work good for people seeking information on Catholicism or the Reformation. There are parts on Lutheran Church Government, as well as general definitions of elders, ministers, deacons, offices, etc. within church government in general. So students of church polity might be interested in this work as well. Continue reading

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