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Gray, J.M. – Synthetic Bible Studies of the Books of the NT

Synthetic Bible Studies of the Books of the New Testament

Minister in the Reformed Episcopal Church, President of the Moody Bible Institute
Copyright 1906 by Fleming H. Revell, Westwood, New Jersey

This is basically a NT Survey book, giving information about each book. Synthetic Bible Studies of the Books of the NT

A carpenter making his own tools
is an explanation of why I, Pastor-Missionary David Cox, write my own material. I like the idea of producing the material that we use in our ministry and also for evangelism.
Read the short article: A carpenter making his own tools.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Synthetic Bible Studies of the Books of the NT

Lesson 1 – Matthew
Lesson 2 – Mark
Lesson 3 – Luke
Lesson 4- John
Lesson 5 – Acts of the Apostles
Lesson 6 – Romans
Lesson 7 – First Corinthians
Lesson 8 – Second Corinthians
Lesson 9 – Galatians
Lesson 10 – Ephesians

Lesson 11 – Philippians
Lesson 12 – Colossians
Lesson 13 – First Thessalonians
Lesson 14 – Second Thessalonians
Lesson 15 – First Timothy
Lesson 16 – Second Timothy
Lesson 17 – Titus
Lesson 18 – Philemon
Lesson 19 – Hebrews
Lesson 20 – James
Lesson 21 – First Peter
Lesson 22 – Second Peter
Lesson 23 – First John
Lesson 24 – Second and Third John
Lesson 25 – Jude
Lesson 26 – The Revelation

More Modules from Survey OT and NT Categories

More Modules from Luke Tags

Gray-synthetic-bible-studies-nt Bok
Gray-synthetic-bible-studies-nt Bok
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doct25 Jesus is our Moral Pattern
explains how "receiving Jesus" also means being like Jesus in our moral character. We "follow God" as His children.
Download: doct25 Jesus is our Moral Pattern

MySwordmodules is a website dedicate to the MySword Bible Program for Androird devices. We host MySword Modules.

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