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Dennett, E. – Commentary on Selected Books of the Bible (CMT)

Commentary on Selected Books of the Bible

By Edward Dennett

Summary of Commentary on Selected Books

Commentary on Selected Books is a 133 chapter set of commentary notes by Edward Dennett (Brethren). Commentaries included are: Exodus, Ezra, Neh, Dan, Jonah, Hag, Mal, Luke 12, 1Thes 4-5, 2Tim, Jude, and Rev.

Evaluation by David Cox

I would recommend this work.

Dennett-edward-commentary-on-selected-books-of-the-bible Cmt
Dennett-edward-commentary-on-selected-books-of-the-bible Cmt
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salv58 Are there few who are saved?
is a tract that questions that many people will be saved. Wide is the road to destruction and narrow is the road to heaven. "Narrow" has the idea that with difficulty and much energy, one will find that road. Those who are saved, have faith, not works as the basis for that salvation.
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Dagg Manual of Theology
(and links to this work in various other formats).
Dagg Manual of Theology (MySword for Android)
Dagg Manual of Theology (theWord Bible Format)
Dagg Manual of Theology (esword format)
Dagg Manual of Theology (PDF Format)

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A carpenter making his own tools
is an explanation of why I, Pastor-Missionary David Cox, write my own material. I like the idea of producing the material that we use in our ministry and also for evangelism.
Read the short article: A carpenter making his own tools.