Morgan, G.C. – The Purpose Of The Advent

The Purpose Of The Advent*

Four Sermons by Dr. G. Campbell Morgan

This 4 chapter work Pastor Morgan (Congregationalist) is just four of his sermons on the purpose of the Advent (first coming of Christ). His sermons are 1) to destroy the works of the devil, 2) to take away sins, 3) to reveal the Father, and 4) to prepare for a second advent.

Contents of The Purpose Of The Advent

1. To Destroy the Works of the Devil
2. To Take Away Sins
3. To Reveal the Father
4. To Prepare for a Second Advent

* From: G. Campbell Morgan, The Westminster Pulpit,Volume I, Chapters 23-26, (Westwood, NJ : Fleming H. Revell, 1955).

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Purpose Of The Advent

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