Carradine A Journey to Palestine

A Journey to Palestine

By Beverly Carradine

Summary of Carradine A Journey to Palestine

Carradine A Journey to Palestine In this 43 chapter work, Carradine (Nazarene) recounts his trip to Palestine.

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Evaluation by David Cox

This is the journal of Carradine personally going throughout the middle East around the turn of the century. This work would have limited use to most students of Scripture, because it is more a journal of his trip that a whole lot of information and biblical details. I would not recommend this work for most Bible students, except for those who are seriously studying biblical geography, and for that study it would be an auxiliary work, not a principal one.

Chapter Content of Carradine A Journey to Palestine

Chapter 1 The Departure.
Chapter 2 New York And Vicinity.
Chapter 3 The Ocean Voyage.
Chapter 4 Liverpool — Ayre In Scotland.
Chapter 5 Scottish Lakes And Mountains.
Chapter 6 Stirling, Bannockburn, And Edinburg.
Chapter 7 Melrose And Abbotsford.
Chapter 8 In England — Warwick — Kenilworth — Stratford – Oxford.
Chapter 9 London — Spurgeon — Dr. Parker — St. Paul’s Cathedral
Chapter 10 London — Gray’s Country Church Yard.
Chapter 11 The English People – London.
Chapter 12 Paris.
Chapter 13 Paris.
Chapter 14 The Rhine.
Chapter 15 Baden And Switzerland.
Chapter 16 Venice.
Chapter 17 Venice.
Chapter 18 Rome.
Chapter 19 Naples.
Chapter 20 Pompeii And Mt. Vesuvius.
Chapter 21 The Mediterranean Sea – Egypt.
Chapter 22 In Egypt — The Pyramids.
Chapter 23 Palestine — Jaffa – Jerusalem.
Chapter 24 Jerusalem.
Chapter 25 Jerusalem.
Chapter 26 Mt. Calvary.
Chapter 27 Gethsemane Temple Place.
Chapter 28 The Debris — The Churches.
Chapter 29 Jaffa Gate — Wailing Place — Mt. Olivet – Bethany.
Chapter 30 Wilderness Of Judea — Dead Sea — River Jordan.
Chapter 31 Gilgal — Jericho — Jericho Road.
Chapter 32 Bethlehem.
Chapter 33 Damascus Road — Bethel — Shiloh — Jacob’s Well — Mt. Gerizim.
Chapter 34 Samaria — Plain Of Sharon.
Chapter 35 Lake Galilee.
Chapter 36 Mt. Of Beatitudes — Mt. Tabor – Cana.
Chapter 37 Nazareth.
Chapter 38 Moslemism — Plain Of Sharon.
Chapter 39 Scenes On The Plain Of Sharon.
Chapter 40 Customs In Palestine.
Chapter 41 Palestine As A Mission Field.
Chapter 42 Guides.
Chapter 43 The Return Trip.

Carradine A Journey to Palestine