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Athanasius – On the Incarnation

Athanasius On the Incarnation is a classic early work on the incarnation of Jesus Christ. It deals with the reason behind the incarnation, the working of salvation. This work was in answer to heresies rising against the divinity of Jesus Christ.

On the Incarnation

by St. Athanasius (c. 293 – 2 May 373)

Machen Virgin Birth of Christ

In Machen Virgin Birth of Christ Machen studies the Virgin birth looking at how each of the Synoptic Gospel writers address it. He also looks at the Virgin Birth and Secular History, and references places in the rest of the NT. He also addresses alternative theories and their problems.

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Machen-virgin-birth-of-christ Bok
Machen-virgin-birth-of-christ Bok
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Coates-Raven-Stoney-Taylor – The Person of Christ

The Person of Christ
By F. E. Raven, J. B. Stoney,C. A. Coates and J. Taylor

The Person of Christ is a composition of four Brethren authors: Coates, Raven, Stoney, and Taylor, and their writings about the person of Christ. Continue reading

Coates-Raven-Stoney-Taylor-The Person of Christ
Coates-Raven-Stoney-Taylor-The Person of Christ
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