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Machen Virgin Birth of Christ

In Machen Virgin Birth of Christ Machen studies the Virgin birth looking at how each of the Synoptic Gospel writers address it. He also looks at the Virgin Birth and Secular History, and references places in the rest of the NT. He also addresses alternative theories and their problems.

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Machen-virgin-birth-of-christ Bok
Machen-virgin-birth-of-christ Bok
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Austin-Sparks, T. – The School of Christ

The School of Christ
by T. Austin-Sparks
A series of addresses.

In this 8 chapter work by Austin-Sparks (Deeper Life Movement), Austin-Sparks deals with our learning in “the school of Christ”. He speaks of how we learn truth, under what conditions, and aids to learning.

This book is reprinted from the original, unabridged book: “The School of Christ”. Continue reading

Austin-sparks-t-discipleship-in-the-school-of-christ Bok
Austin-sparks-t-discipleship-in-the-school-of-christ Bok
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Dennett, E. – The Name Above Every Name.

The Name Above Every Name.
By Edward Dennett.

This is a 13 chapter work on the name of Jesus by Edward Dennett (Brethren). His chapters run: The Ineffable Name, “Thou shalt call his name Jesus”, “They shall call his name Emmanuel”, “Thy Name is as ointment poured forth”, The Name which is above every name, “At the Name of Jesus”, “In his Name”, “For his Name’s Sake”, “Unto his Name”, Revelation 19:12, 13, “His Name shall be in their foreheads”, and “Thou remainest”. Continue reading

Dennett-edward-name-above-every-name-the Bok
Dennett-edward-name-above-every-name-the Bok
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Dennett, E. – Unsearchable Riches

Unsearchable Riches
Some of the Relationships of Christ to His People.
By Edward Dennett.

This is a 13 chapter book on the unsearchable riches we have in Jesus Christ, i.e. Our Saviour, Our Redeemer, Our Lord, Our Shepherd, Our Life, Our Food, Our High Priest, Our Advocate, Our Object, Our Example, Our Peace, Our Head, Christ Our Hope. Continue reading

Dennett-edward-unsearchable-riches Bok
Dennett-edward-unsearchable-riches Bok
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