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Cutting How Shall They Hear? (evangelism)

Cutting How Shall They Hear? (evangelism)

by George Cutting (1843-1934)

Mr. George Cutting is well known, even in evangelical circles, as the author of ‘Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment’ but, sadly, little personal information is available. He was born in 1843 and taken by his Lord in 1934 while living in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. In addition to many booklets and gospel tracts, he co-authored hymn 234 in the 1973 hymn book.

In this 8 chapter work by George Cutting (Brethren) he examines God’s call for us to reach the world with the Gospel. Cutting How Shall They Hear? (evangelism)

Cox A Study on the Trinity
is a short 32-page work on the Trinity with special attention applied towards Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses. Chapters: 1. God is One Monotheism. | 2. Why God is one, but has to be three persons in that one God: Love needs three people. | 3. Other Consideration that God has to be three persons. | 4. God the Father is God | 5. Jesus is God | 6. The Holy Spirit is God. | 7. Unacceptable explanations of the Trinity. | 8 Conclusion. Alternate Download Site:

CONTENTS of Cutting How Shall They Hear? (evangelism)

1. “How Shall They Hear?”
2. Has the Result of our Answer Satisfied us?
3. Does it Concern us?
4. God’s Answer
5. The Way of Acceptable Service
6. A Fully Qualified Servant
7. The Light of the Cross
8. One Happy Instance

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