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Goodell, C.L. – The Pastor His Own Evangelist

The Pastor His Own Evangelist: 

Methods, texts, seed thoughts, and illustrations
By Charles LeRoy Goodell D.D.

With an introduction by J. Wilbur Chapman, D.D. and a Preliminary chapter on preparing for a revival.

This 18 chapter work by Goodell (Congregationalist) deals with the Pastor in his role as Evangelist. He looks at various aspects of how and why the pastor’s role is his own evangelist.

Copyright, 1910, by F. M. Barton Company,

A carpenter making his own tools
is an explanation of why I, Pastor-Missionary David Cox, write my own material. I like the idea of producing the material that we use in our ministry and also for evangelism.
Read the short article: A carpenter making his own tools.

CONTENTS of Goodell, C.L. – The Pastor His Own Evangelist

Preparing for a Revival IX
Service I The Church’s Obligations and Opportunity 1
Service II The Vanity of a Worldly Life 31
Service III Saved for Service 57
Service IV The Guilt and Power of Sin 87
Service V The Wages of Sin 111
Service VI The Lamb of God 137
Service VII Repentance 167
Service VIII Influence — Example 195
Service IX A Whole Life for Christ 229
Service X The Faith that Saves 251
Service XI The Great Decision 275
Service XII Accepting and Confessing Christ 297
Service XIII God’s Power to Save 331
Service XIV The Joy of Salvation 350
Service XV The Call of the Other World 379
Service XVI Opportunity! Responsibility! 407
Service XVII Manhood for Christ 431
Service XVIII The Fruits of Indecision 459

Many a pastor feels the urgent need of an annual season of special services of an evangelistic character.

The problem of securing desirable assistance, whether that of an evangelist, or of ministerial brethren, is often difficult of solution.

The busy minister who has been in a pastorate for some years often shrinks from the special drain involved in the preaching of a score of sermons, on as many consecutive days of evangelistic services, while engaged in the other arduous duties incident to services.

This volume is intended, not to be a crutch, but rather, to stimulate the minister’s own thinking by making easily available, suggestive texts, seed thoughts and fresh illustrative material for specific sermons.

A particularly valuable feature of the book is its provision of practical, actually tested plans for the details of the services the influence of which it aims to make cumulative by following a natural order of sequence.


This book presents to us the ideal as regards evangelistic effort. There will always be a place in the Church for evangelists who are called and equipped of God, and especially adapted by training and temperament to do a special work. I have always believed, and more firmly during the past few years than ever before, that the call to be an evangelist should be as distinct and clear as that which one receives to be a minister of the Gospel or a pastor of a Church. It ought to be true that every pastor would possess, in some slight degree at least, the gift to do evangelistic work, but even if this be true, nevertheless the fact remains as above stated, and in my own experience I was as clearly called to do the work to which I am now devoting my life, as in the other days I was called to preach the Gospel in the church of a special congregation. However, I am clearly convinced that an evangelist cannot settle the problems of a church, who as an emergency man is called to render a service which, when it is needed at all, is sorely needed. The only man of all others who can do this work and do it well, and do it continually, is the pastor himself. Any form of general evangelistic effort which does not leave him stronger in the affection of his people is not worth while, and any evangelistic effort which fails to make his work easier when the special helper is gone, is not worthy of the name.

Each pastor should be his own evangelist; at the same time, he should hold himself in readiness to assist his brother ministers. This is an ideal position to take and the suggestions made by the author of this book are practical and helpful.

I am firmly convinced that a great revival is possible. ‘I am not unmindful of the dark clouds above us nor of the dangers that menace us and sometimes seem about to defeat us; but with every pastor on fire with the passion for souls and a fair proportion of the membership following the leadership of such a pastor, defeat is impossible and victory absolutely sure.


New York City.

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Pent08 Benny Hinn: False Prophet of Word of Faith Movement
Topics: His Background | His Deceptions and Lies | His Authority | His Doctrinal Heresies: God, man-gods, | Jesus took upon himself the nature of Satan | Weird stuff | Hinn’s False Prophesies | Necromancy.
From the Tract: Jesus took upon himself the nature of Satan Hinn says that Jesus took upon himself the nature of Satan, and the Jesus had to be born again. He says that the death of Jesus was insufficient to save us, and that Jesus had to go to hell after his death and suffer tortures by Satan and the demons for three days. Salvation according to Hinn was affected during and after these three days in hell, and not on the cross. Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished” John 19:30. He believes in the false doctrine that Jesus died spiritually in hell, and that is very popular among this group.
Read the Tract: Pent08 Benny Hinn: False Prophet of Word of Faith Movement.

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