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Mauro, P. – Which Version? Authorized or Revised?


In this book of 10 chapters, Mauro examines and compares the difference between the KJV authorized version and the Revised English Version. He explains the Westcott and Hort theory, and explains why he rejects it.


Cox A Study on the Trinity
is a short 32-page work on the Trinity with special attention applied towards Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses. Chapters: 1. God is One Monotheism. | 2. Why God is one, but has to be three persons in that one God: Love needs three people. | 3. Other Consideration that God has to be three persons. | 4. God the Father is God | 5. Jesus is God | 6. The Holy Spirit is God. | 7. Unacceptable explanations of the Trinity. | 8 Conclusion. Alternate Download Site:


The importance of the question discussed in this volume. The Bible as a Factor of Civilization. The Bible in the English Tongue.


The several English Versions. The occasion for the R. V. The widely recognized need for a Revision. The demand was not for a new Version, but for a revision of the A. V. The state of the original Text. The many Greek Texts of the N. T. Only one Hebrew Text of the 0. T.


The Various Editions of the Greek Text. That of Stephens of 1850. The Elzevir or Texttis Beceptus, Griesbach’s Text. Lachmann led in a new direction, followed by Tischendorf and Tregelles. Tisehendorf and the Mt. Sinai Ms. The principle of “Ancient Evidence Only.” Alford’s Text.


Ancient Codices. The Vatican and the Sinaitic. How the latter was discovered, and how Textual Criticism was affected by it.


Characteristics of the two oldest Mss. The many series of corrections to which the Codex Sinaitieus has been subjected. What they prove. The work of an incompetent Scribe. The number and nature of the differences between these two ancient Copies and the Received Text. The conclusions to be drawn.


The principle of *’ Ancient Evidence Only” examined. Divine Safeguards to the Sacred Text. The Evidential Value of latex Mss. Errors of Omission. An illustrative test of the comparative values of the earlier and the later Mss. The strength of the case for the Received Text.


The Procedure of the Revision Committee. The Instructions given them. How carried out. How the adoption of a New Greek Text (virtually that of Westcott and Hort) was secured.


Specific Examples of Textual Corruption. The last 12 Verses of Mark. The Angelic Message. The Lord ‘s Agony, and His Prayer on the Cross. **The Mystery of Godliness.” Other important passages affected.


Changes in- Translation. The leaning towards greater literality not an improvement. Thousands of uncalled-for changes—^mostly for the worse. Concerning 2 Timothy 3:16. The Version of 1911. Its value as a witness.


The strange uses made of the Margin in the R. V. The Name “Jesus.” *’ Thine is the Kingdom.” “The Son of God.” “Which is in Heaven.” “The Number of a Man.” The Island of Melita.


The Theory of Drs. Westcott and Hort. Many Assumptions, but no proof. The Received Text traced back to the 2d Century by means of Versions and Quotations. No proof at all of any earlier Text. Bishop Ellicott in Defence of the R. V. A comparison as to style between the A. V. and R. V. The Voice of the People. Conclusions.

Old Carpenter Tools of his Trade
is an explanation of why I, Pastor-Missionary David Cox, write my own materials like tracts, books, sermons, Sunday School material, etc. We produce the material that we use in our ministry and also for evangelism.
Read the short article: Old Carpenter Tools of his Trade.

MySwordmodules is a website dedicate to the MySword Bible Program for Androird devices. We host MySword Modules.

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