Derickson Mr. D’s Notes on Theology

Rev. Stanley L. Derickson Ph.D.

COPYRIGHT 1992 Rev. Stanley L. Derickson Ph.D.

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TOPIC INDEX (much more complete) D00100

Prolegomena D00150
Introduction D00200
Revelation D00250
Inspiration D00300
Canonicity D00350
Authority D00400
Illumination D00450
Interpretation D00500
Animation D00550
Preservation D00600
Inerrancy D00650
Criticism D00700
Application D00750
Communication D00800
Bible’s Supernatural Origin D00850
History of Scripture D00900

Theology Proper

Intro to Theology Proper D00950
Proofs of God D01000
Views of God D01050
Biblical Theism D01100
Attributes of God D01150
God Has Purpose and is Active D01200
God is Free and Conscious D01250
God Has Emotion D01300
God is a Spirit Being D01300
God is Unity, Great D01350
God is Self-Existent D01350
God is Eternal D01350
God is UnchangableOmnipresent D01400
God is OmniscientOmnipotent D01450
God is PerfectInfinite D01500
God is Independent D01550
God is Incomprehensible D01550
God is GoodHolyTrue D01600
God is Love, and He is Just D01650
God is FaithfulMerciful D01700
God Decreed D01750
God’s Names D01800
God is FatherSonHoly Spirit D01850
Trinitarianism D01900
Fear of the Lord D01950


Introduction D02000
Deity of Christ D02050
Humanity of Christ D02100
Incarnation of Christ D02150
Natures of Christ D02200
Hypostatic Union D02250
Kenosis D02300
Impeccability of Christ D02350
Old Testament View of Christ D02400
Birth of Christ D02450
New Testament View of Christ D02500
Historical View of Christ D02500
Death of Christ D02550
Resurrection of Christ D02600


Holy Spirit Intro D02650
Holy Spirit Overview D02700
Holy Spirit’s Deity D02750
Holy Spirit’s Personality D02800
Holy Spirit Old Testament View D02850
Holy Spirit New Testament View D02850
Holy Spirit GraceConviction D02900
Holy Spirit Regeneration D02950
Holy Spirit Indwelling D03000
Holy Spirit Baptism D03050
Holy Spirit Filling D03100
Holy Spirit Sealing D03150
Holy Spirit Ministries D03200
Holy Spirit Gifts D03250
Holy Spirit Historical View D03300
Holy Spirit Offended D03350
Holy Spirit Empowerment D03400


The Devil D03450
Fall of the Devil D03500
Names of the Devil D03500
Demons D03550
Angels D03600
Archangels D03650
Occult D03700, D03750
Conclusion D03800
Water Witching D03850


Intro to Anthropology D03900
We Are a Social People D03950
Origin of Man D04000
Material Man D04050
Immaterial Man D04100
Man in Innocence D04150
Man’s Fall D04200
Humanism D04250, D04300
Garden of Eden D04350


Introduction to Hamartiology D04400
Personal Sin D04450
Nature of Sin and Forgiveness D04500
Sin Nature D04550
Imputed SinMan Under Sin D04600
Christian Sin D04650
Punishment D04700
Triumph Over Sin D04750


Intro to Soteriology D04800
Conviction D04850
Repentance D04900
Regeneration D04950
Propitiation D05000
Redemption D05050
Reconciliation D05100
Sanctification D05150
Justification D05200
Security of the Believer D05250
Faith D05300
Forgiveness D05350
The Confusing Trio D05400
Atonement D05450
ArminiusCalvin D05500
StandingState D05550
Conclusion D05600
Glossary D05650


Intro to the Church D05700
Church Defined D05700, D05750
What the Church is Not D05750
What the Church Is D05800
When the Church Began D05800
Pictures of the Church D05800
Requirements For Membership D05800
Universal Church D05800
Local Church D05800
Purpose of the Church D05800
Government of the Church D05850
Types of Church Government D05850
Consider Scripture and Logic D05850, D05900
Scriptural Church Government D05900
Organization of the Church D05900
QualificationsChurch Leaders D05950, D06000
Qualities of Church Leaders D06050
The Ordinances of the Church D06100
Lord’s Table D06150
Baptism D06200
The Physique of the Church D06250
The Gifts of the Church D06300
The Discipline of the Church D06350
Conclusion D06400
Constitution to Consider D06450
Study List For the Term Elders D06500
Principles For Low Cost Living D06550
Information On the Baptists D06600
Information On Baptisms D06650
a Study List For “One Another” D06700
Listings of Spiritual Gifts D06750
The Gift of PastorTeacher D06800
The Body Vs. Society D06850
Lord’s TableWho and Where D06900
DivorceRemarriage D06950, D06970


Preface D07000
Overview of Eschatolgoy D07050
Introduction D07100
IsraelChurch D07150
Interpretation D07200
Kingdom of Heaven God D07300
The Second Coming D07350
The Rapture D07400
The Tribulation D07450
The Millennium D07500
The Millennial Positions D07550
Ultradispensationalism D07600
Kingdom Theology D07650
Heaven D07700
Hell D07750
Can’t Fail Quiz D07800
Listing of MenPosition D07850
Interpretation of the Gospels D07900
Church and Kingdom Compared D07950
Verses For Kingdom HeavenGod D08000
Booklist D08050

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