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Finney, C.G. – How to Pray to God.

How to Pray to God.
By Charles G. Finney.

In this 27 sermon workHow to Pray to God by Finney (Deeper Life), Finney examines 27 different passages of Scripture about prayer. Several of these sermons are not available in my source material.

CONTENTS of How to Pray to God

1 Psalm 37:4 Delighting In The Lord
2 Psalm 51:10 Prayer For A Pure heart
3 Psalm 51:12 The Joy Of God’s Salvation
4 Psalm 81:10 The Reward Of Fervent Prayer
5 Psalm 139:23-24 On Being Searched Of God
6 Psalm 139:23,24 Heart Searching
7 Matthew 6:10 Acceptable Prayer
8 Matthew 6:10 Thy Will Be Done
9 Matthew 6:10 The Kingdom Of God Upon Earth
10 Matthew 7:7-8 The Conditions Of Prevailing Prayer
11 Matthew 7:7-8 w James 4:3 Conditions of Prevailing Prayer pt#1
12 Matthew 7:7-8 w James 4:3 Conditions of Prevailing Prayer pt#2
13 Matthew 7:7-8 w James 4:3 Conditions of Prevailing Prayer pt#3
14 Matthew 7:7-8 w James 4:3 How To Prevail With God May 22, 1850
15 Matthew 9:36-38 Prayer And Labor For the Gathering of the Great Harvest
16 Matthew 18:19 Meetings for Prayer
17 Mark 11:24 The Prayer of Faith
18 Luke 11:5-8 On Persevering Prayer For Others
19 Luke 11:11-13 On Prayer For The Holy Spirit
20 Luke 18:1 On Prayer
21 John 16:24 The Use and Prevalence Of Christ’s Name
22 Acts 1:14 The Primitive Prayer-Meeting
23 Acts 8:22-23 Repentance Before Prayer for Forgiveness
24 Romans 8:26-27 The Spirit of Prayer
25 James 5:16 Mutual Confession Of Faults, And Mutual Prayer
26 James 5:16 Prevailing Prayer
27 1 John 3:21-22 An Approving Heart–Confidence In Prayer
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