Dolman, D.H. – Simple Talks on the Tabernacle

Dolman-simple-talks-on-the-tabernacle Bok
Dolman-simple-talks-on-the-tabernacle Bok
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Simple Talks on the Tabernacle
by D. H. Dolman, M. A., D. D.
With an Introduction by Wilbur M. Smith
Copyright @ 1954

In this 24 chapter work by Dolman, he examines 24 different aspects of the Tabernacle: the hangings, the pillar, the gate, the altar, the sacrifices, the fire, the laver, the different parts of the tent, the lamb, the candlestick, and the table. Continue reading

Slattery, C.L. – Following Christ

Slattery-following-christ Bok
Slattery-following-christ Bok
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Following Christ
by Charles Lewis Slattery, D.D.
Bishop of Massachusetts
New Edition, Enlarged
Copyright, 1928 and 1929, by Charles Lewis Slattery

In this 8 chapter work by Slattery (Epsicopal Anglican), he presents us with topics about “Following Christ”. His chapters are The Definite Decision, Character, The Creed, The Church, Christian Worship, The Holy Communion, Knowing Christ Face to Face. Continue reading

Talbot, L.T. – Christ in the Tabernacle

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Talbot-christ-in-the-tabernacle Bok
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Christ in the Tabernacle
by Louis T. Talbot, D.D., LL.D.
President of The Bible Institute of Los Angeles
Copyright @ 1942

In this 20 chapter work, Talbot (Biola) presents us with a study of Christ in the Tabernacle. Among his topics, the high priest and sons, the court and gate, the tent, the brazen altar, the offerings, the laver, candlestick, table of shewbread, altar of incense, the ark and mercy seat, the day of Atonement, and the Shekinah Glory. Continue reading

Talbot, L.T. – A Comprehensive View of God’s Great Plan from Eternity to Eternity

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Talbot-god's-plan-for-the-ages Bok
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A Comprehensive View of God’s Great Plan from Eternity to Eternity Illustrated with Chart
By Louis T. Talbot
Chancellor of Biola College and Talbot Theological Seminary
Copyright @ 1936

In this 15 chapter work by Talbot (BIOLA), he presents us with some thoughts on the history of man and God’s plan for him. Some of his chapters are earth’s earliest ages, the age of… conscience, human government, covenants, the law. The meaning of the cross, the resurrection and ascension, Christ in Glory, the church age, the translation of the church, the events of the sevenieth week, the return of Christ, the thousand year reign, and the reign of Christ on Earth. Continue reading

Tatum, J. – The Doctrine of Angels

Tatum-hierarchy-of-angels Bok
Tatum-hierarchy-of-angels Bok
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The Doctrine of Angels

Taken from, Creation Series: Creation and the Bible Reveal the Glory of God

By Johnny Tatum

In this 32 chapter work on angels by Johnny Tatum, (Baptist orientation I think) he deals with creation and angels. Tatum has 6 divisions with various chapters under each division: 1) Creation and the Bible reveal the Glory of God, 2) Creation of the Angelic Spiritual Realm, 3) The Hierarchy of Angels, 4) The ministry of Angels, 5) Angels, Agents of God’s rule, and 6) the Weapons of our Warfare. Continue reading