Miller, J.R. – Making the Most of Life

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Making the Most of Life

by J.R. Miller


This is a 25 chapter devotional work with chapters such as “making the most of life”, “Laid on God’s Altar”, “Christ’s Interest in our Common Life”, “Getting Christ’s Touch”, “Doing things for Christ”, “Swiftness in Duty”, “the Sin of Ingratitude”, “Some secrets of Happy Home Life”, “unfinished life building”, etc.

Evaluation by David Cox

I would recommend this work, but with the note that it is a devotional work with many poems and lyrics. Continue reading

Litke, S. – How We Got the Bible

How We Got the Bible
Study By: Sid Litke

This 8 chapter work by Litke (Dallas Theological Seminary) presents us with a study on the origin of our Bible. His chapters are Introduction, revelation, inspiration, inerrancy, transmission, canoncity, translation, and a final chapter, Interpretation, Illumination, and Application. Continue reading

Griffith-Thomas, W.H. – How we got our Bible

How We Got Our Bible
And Why We Believe It Is God’s Word
By W.H. Griffith Thomas
© 1926 The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Copyright expired.
Published by Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois

In this twelve chapter book, Griffith-Thomas presents us with the origin of our Bible. He begin with the structure and history of the Bible, then the canonicity, authority, trustworthiness of the Bible. He then presents the unity of the Bible as a testimony to its divine origin, and then deals with the progressiveness of the Bible. He sums up with two chapters on the inspiration of the Bible, the interpretation of the Bible, and finally God’s purpose in giving us the Bible. Continue reading