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Welcome! MySword is a free MySword android phone app. This app will allow you to search the Bible, read commentaries, dictionaries, and books on your Android Smartphone. If you have questions or problems, please post a commentary on the page of the module which you have a problem, or on this page.

What do I expect from you?

The MySword software is free, and you should really donate something to them for their great work. As far as I go, to be truthful, I don’t even own a cell phone myself (of any type). So why would I dedicate my time and effort to help people where I am not even in that community, i.e. I don’t have a device with which to view MySword modules? I am serving the Lord. But I do expect some things from you, a MySword user, if you can.

First of all, you could send me an email or post a comment on some page on this website expressing your appreciation and thanks at least once every 6 months or so. If you are not downloading these works, don’t worry about it. If you are taking advantage of these works, then definitely post something to let me know somebody is getting use out of my efforts here. What is frustrating is to do the work, and nobody even visits this website nor downloads these modules. I dedicate more time and effort based on mysword modules based on two things: 1) feedback, 2) donations. Feedback doesn’t cost you anything, and if I am overwhelmed by a lot of good feedback, I will dedicate more time to this. As far as donations, consider donating $10 for every 50 books you download. That is about 20 cents per book. Common, even the poorest of people out there with a cell phone is spending money every month on their cell phone, so this is a very little amount for a book.

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Binet, E. – Purgatory Surveyed

Purgatory Surveyed
or A Particular Account of the happy, and yet thrice unhappy, state of the Souls there.
By Etienne Binet

This Catholic work by the priest Binet, is set up in 6 sections called surveys, where he examines different aspects of purgatory from a Catholic view. (1) the suffering of souls in purgatory. (2) A study of paradise (as part of purgatory). (3) What should be our love towards the souls in purgatory. (4) Our moral obligation to pray them out of purgatory. (5) A defense for prayers for the dead. (6) 12 means to prevent purgatory and shorten our stay there. Read the rest of this entry »

Blackstone, W.E. – Jesus is Coming

Jesus is Coming
by William E Blackstone (1878)

This is an excellent book on prophecy (“became the veritable reference source of American dispensationalist thought. Over the next 50 years, Jesus is coming sold multi-millions of copies worldwide and was translated into 48 languages.”-wikipedia). Some of his chapters: Literal interpretation, coming does not mean death, the three appearings, the millennium, post-millennialism, pre-millennial arguments, the Rapture, the Antichrist, the Tribulation, Israel, order of events, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Best, W.E. – God is Love

God Is Love
by W. E. Best
Copyright © 1986 W. E. Best

In this 10 chapter work by Best (Assembly of Christ), Pastor Best studies the love of God. He first looks at love as God declares “God is love”. Then he examines how the divine purpose guarantess the manifestation of God’s love, God’s love elects some, man cannot comprehend this divine love in election, love is discriminating, God loves some and hates others, the difference between God’s hate and wrath, the divine love calls the elect, and God sends his messengers to proclaim this love.


1. God Is Love
2. God’s Purpose Guarantees The Manifestation Of His Love
3. God In Love Elected Some
4. Man Cannot Comprehend God’s Love In Election
5. God’s Love Is Discriminating
6. God Love Some And Hates Others
7. God’s Hate And Wrath Differ
8. The Love Of God Is A Truth For Saints
9. In Love God Calls The Elect
10. God Sends Messengers To Proclaim His Love

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Introduction to the New Testament
by Louis Berkhof (1915)

This is a New Testament introduction with brief descriptions on each book of the N.T. giving information about the date, author, recipients, context, purpose, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Lectures to Young Men on Various Important Subjects
By Henry Ward Beecher, 1849

In this 7 chapter work, Beecher presents us special presentations to young Christian men, and these presentations are sins and problems to avoid, like immoral women, the portrait gallery, popular amusements, six warnings, industry versus idleness, and gamblers and gambling. Read the rest of this entry »

Baxter, S. – A New Call To Holiness

A New Call To Holiness
A Restudy and Restatement of New Testament Teaching concerning
Christian Sanctification

(g) J. Sidlow Baxter 1967

First Edition 1967 Second Edition 1968
SEN 551 05190 6
made and printed in great britain by purnell and sons -ltd. paulton (somerset) and london

This is an excellent work on holiness by Sidlow Baxter (Baptist).

Dedication 2
Foreword 2
Why A New Call? 6
Holiness in New Apparel 8
New Distinctions and Accents 9
A Lasting Legacy and Impress 9
A decline: but why? 10
Eclipsed by bigger issue 10
Harassed by Controversy 10
Divorce from Evangelism 11
Set-backs through Inconsistency 11
Changeful Decades 11
A Shift to the Experiential 12
A Shift from Superficiality 12
Wesley and Booth 13
A Right Approach 16
A Right Approach to Scripture 16
A True View of Sin 17
Regeneration and Renewal 18
Christian Standing and Privilege 20
Fascination with Theory 22
Theory Versus Experience 25
The Eradication Theory 26
Representative Others 27
Present-day Voices 28
The Big Contradiction 29
A Well-Meant Alternative 33
Other Slants and Aspects 36
Counteractionist Dilemma 38
That word, “destroyed” 39
What About Romans 6:6? 44
Non-mention of the Holy Spirit 51
Contradicted by Experience 51
A Significant Illustration 52
The Baptismal Burial 52
A Contradictory Misfit 52
New Testament Testimony 53
The “Old Man” Crucified 58
The “Body of Sin” 60
Pauline Usage of the Word 62
Guidance from Context 62
Guidance from the Wording 63
Endorsement by Parallel 63
Galatians 2:20 64
Galatians 5:24 65
Wrong Applications! 66
What Is Holiness? 69
Holiness Is Likeness To God, 70
“God is Spirit” 70
“God is Light” 71
“God is Love” 72
Moral God-likeness 72
Divine Holiness Incarnated 73
Holiness Inwrought 74
Not Wholly Instantaneous 74
Complete Possession 75
A Misleading Deviation 76
“Victorious Life” 76
An Axiomatic Truth 77
Holiness Is Restoration 78
Excursus On Holiness As Restoration 83
Holiness: Yes, But How? 84
To What Degree? 86
Entire Sanctification 94
Accompaniments 96
“Let us go up . . . and possess” 98
Transfiguration Of Character 103
Inward Metamorphosis 105
Progressive Christlikeness 108
Summary And Suggestions 111
Supplementary 118
What Does Paul Mean By “The Flesh”? 119
Invalidity of Usual Teaching 125
A Truer Illustration 127
What Is “Cleansing From All Sin”? 131
The Usual Teaching 131
The Witness of the Hymnbooks 132
Eradication by Ablution 133
Is it Scriptural? 134
Old Testament Data 134
Use of the Word, “Cleansed”. 135
New Testament Data 136
The Blood as a Symbol 136
“The Flesh Profiteth Nothing” 137
“Cleansing” by the Blood 138
What then of 1 John 1:7? 139
Conclusions 140
The Word Of Two Scholars 141
Can We Ever Be Dead To Sin? 142
“Dead to Sin” 143
“Dead to the Law” 143
Death to “the Flesh” 144
What, Then, Of Death To Sin? 146
“Christian Perfection” 149
Can We Be Inwardly Dead To Sin? 151
Appendices 155
Baptism And Death To Sin In Romans 6 156
On The True Translation Of Anthropos 159
Contradictory Interpretations Of Romans 6 161

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Barry-Parables of OT
Barry-Parables of OT

(1846) This work is a treatment of the Parables and other types of illustrative material in the Old Testament, by Alfred Barry, Lord Bishop of Sydney, and Primate of Australia and Tasmania. Read the rest of this entry »

Orr, C. – Successful Child Training

One chapter book

The successful training of a child, especially in the     first years of its life, is due more to example than to commandment.     The influence of example upon youthful minds is rarely comprehended. We are     commanded to be an example in faith, purity, conversation, charity, spirit,     and to be a pattern of good works. Read the rest of this entry »

Bohlin, R. – The Star of Bethlehem©

The Star of Bethlehem©

Study By: Ray Bohlin

Article contributed by Probe Ministries


What was the Star of Bethlehem? Some people suggest is was an astronomical conjunction of planets and stars. But Probe’s Dr. Ray Bohlin suggests it might have been the Shekinah Glory, a physical manifestation of God’s presence on earth. Read the rest of this entry »

An Explanation of The Baltimore Catechism of Christian Doctrine
For The Use of Sunday-School Teachers and Advanced Classes
(Also known as Baltimore Catechism No. 4)
byRev. Thomas L. Kinkead

This is a work explaining the Baltimore Catechism by Kinkead. These chapters are questions and answers with expanded explanations.



The Lord’s Prayer
The Angelical Salutation
The Apostles’ Creed
The Confiteor
An Act of Faith
An Act of Hope
An Act of Love
An Act of Contrition
The Blessing before Meals
Grace after Meals
The Manner in Which a Lay Person Is to Baptize in Case of Necessity Read the rest of this entry »