Boettner The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination

The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination

by Loraine Boettner D.D.

Copyright 1932

In this mamoth (29 chapters) work by Boettner (Reformed, Presbyterian), he examines the doctrine of Predestination. He looks at the plan of God, the Sovereignty, Providence, and foreknowledge of God. He examines this doctrine in relation to Calvinism. He also answers objections to the doctrine.

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Statement of the Doctrine

Chapter 3 God Has a Plan

Chapter 4 The Sovereignty of God

Chapter 5 The Providence of God

Chapter 6 The Foreknowledge of God

Chapter 7 Outline of Systems

Chapter 8 The Scriptures are the Final Authority By Which Systems are to be Judged

Chapter 9 A Warning Against Undue Speculation

Chapter 10 The Five Points of Calvinism & Total Inability

Chapter 11 Unconditional Election

Chapter 12 Limited Atonement

Chapter 13 Efficacious Grace

Chapter 14 The Perseverance of the Saints

Chapter 15 That it is Fatalism

Chapter 16 That it is Inconsistent with the Free Agency and Moral Responsibility of Man

Chapter 17 That it Makes God the Author of Sin

Chapter 18 That is Discourages All Motives to Exertion

Chapter 19 That it Represents God as a Respecter of Persons or as Unjustly Partial

Chapter 20 That it is Unfavorable to Good Morality

Chapter 21 That it Precludes a Sincere Offer of the Gospel to the Non-Elect

Chapter 22 That it Contradicts the Universalistic Scripture Passages

Chapter 23 Salvation By Grace

Chapter 24 Personal Assurance that One is Among the Elect

Chapter 25 Predestination in the Physical World

Chapter 26 A Comparison with the Mohammedan Doctrine of Predestination

Chapter 27 The Practical Importance of the Doctrine

Chapter 28 Calvinism in History

Chart: Calvinism vs. Arminianism

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