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McFadyen The Message of the Parables

by Joseph Ferguson McFadyen, M.A. D.D.

This is another standard work on the NT parables. Note that this work is seen from a “teacher’s view point” with the first three chapters on Jesus’ use of parables as a teaching method, and another chapter on the parable as an allegory, another on interpretation of parables.


Pollock Doctrine of Christ 2 John 1:9-11 is a single chapter work of 28 pages looking at different aspects of the Doctrine of Christ.
PDF: Pollock Doctrine of Christ
theWord: Pollock Doctrine of Christ
MySword: Pollock Doctrine of Christ
eSword: Pollock Doctrine of Christ

I. The Teaching Methods of Jesus 9
II. The Teaching Methods of Jesus 19
III. The Parable as Secret Teaching 27
IV. The Parable as Allegory 38
V. Parable Interpretation 54
VI. General View of the Parables 61
VII. Questions Raised by the Parables 75
VIII. The Sower 82
IX. The Darnel Among the Wheat 92
X. The Great Supper 98
XI. The Man Without the Wedding Garment 105
XII. The Wicked Vinedressers 107
XIII. The Barren Fig-Tree 114
XIV. The Hidden Treasure and the Pearl 118
XV. The Mustard Seed 123
XVI. The Seed Growing of Itself 127
XVII. The Leaven 1 3o
XVIII. The Fishing Net 134
XIX. Tthe Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin 139
XX. The Pharisee and the Publican 144
XXI. The Prodigal Son 15
XXII. The Two Debtors 159
XXIII. The Unforgiving Creditor 164
XXIV. Tower and the Threatened King 169
XXV. Rich Man and Lazarus 171
XXVI. Good Samaritan 178
XXVII. Rich Fool 187
XXVIII. Talents and the Pounds 194
XXIX. Unjust Steward 202
XXX. Workers in the Vineyard 219
XXXI. Midnight Petitioner 224
XXXII. Importunate Widow 230
XXXIII. Bridesmaids 237
Literature 245

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salv58 Are there few who are saved?
is a tract that questions that many people will be saved. Wide is the road to destruction and narrow is the road to heaven. "Narrow" has the idea that with difficulty and much energy, one will find that road. Those who are saved, have faith, not works as the basis for that salvation.
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