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Miller-Evidence from Scripture & History of Second Coming of Christ

Evidence from Scripture and History of the Second Coming of Christ

by William Miller [1842]

This is a collection of lectures by William Miller (1782-1849), a 19th century preacher who managed to convince himself and thousands of others that Jesus would return in 1844. Born a Baptist, he became a Deist and Freemason. After he fought in the war of 1812, he had a spiritual epiphany, and was called back to Baptism. After much study, Miller became convinced that Biblical chronology pointed to the immiment end of the world, and in 1832, was confident enough to publicize his beliefs.

As the deadline approached, his followers grew into a huge movement. The calculations were refined by his disciples, and October 22, 1844 was determined to be the day. As that date approached, Millerites sold their homes and business, and flocked to the hills to await the last judgement. Of course, nothing out of the ordinary occurred, and most of Miller’s followers melted away as quickly as they had joined. This became known as ‘the Great Disappointment.’ However, the concept of the imminent return of Jesus has been a major component of evangelical Christian thought for the past century. Few have been so bold as to set an actual date certain for the end of the world. Most millennialists today simply point to various signs and portents to suggest that the end is near. Continue reading

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Greear, D. – Evidences of the Christian Faith

Evidences of the Christian Faith


This is a 12 chapter work on some of the evidences of the Christian Faith, such as the existence of God, the uniqueness of Christianity and the Bible, the reliability of the Bible, the testimony of archaeology to the Bible, issues between science and the Bible, fulfilled prophecy, the deity of Christ, the resurrection, and other things. Continue reading

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Murray, A. – The Spirit of Christ

The Spirit of Christ
by Andew Murray

In this 31 chapter (month devotions) book by Andrew Murray (Deeper Life, Dutch Reformed), he examines the spirit of Christ. Continue reading

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Alger, W. R. – Destiny Of the Soul

The Destiny Of the Soul, A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life

by William Rounseville Alger (1878)

Note that this is simply a secular study on the future life, including the Bible’s point of view of heaven and hell. Although being from a secular point of view, it is of limited value as far as what the Scripture says, because I (the editor David Cox) don’t believe the viewpoint of the author is a believing person’s viewpoint. Nonetheless, the book has a tremendous amount of material from non-biblical sources, from difference religious and cultural groups perspectives about heaven and hell, and in some case this is of some value in comparing with the truth, therefore I include this work. It should be noted that this has been a standard textbook in some circles for 20 years, and has 10 editions of the book which would seem to indicate that some people think it is of great value. Continue reading

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