Betts, G.H. – How to Teach Religion

In this work, How to Teach Religion Betts (Methodist Episcopal) explains how a person teaches religion. He begins with the person of the teacher, then the great objective, a fourfold foundation (right aims, material, organization, and presentation), religious knowledge, religious attitude, connecting instruction with life and conduct, the subject matter of religious education, organization of the material, the technique, making truth vivid, types of teaching, and methods,

Kimble, E. – Hermeneutical Principles of Progressive Revelation

In this 13 page work Hermeneutical Principles of Progressive Revelation by Kimble (Bob Jones University) he examines the progress of revelation of sacred truth. In this work he examines the steps or progress by which God has gradually revealed truth. His sections are: Organic Growth of Revelation, Progressive Revelation is the Key to Biblical Hermeneutics (three principles), and Conclusion.

Gurnall, W. – The Christian In Complete Armour

Christian In Complete Armour is an older work, but none-the-less an excellent work on the subject of Christian warefare. Gurnall has 2 volumes: Vol 1: A Sweet and Powerful Encouragement to the War; Directions for managing this War successfully; the reason why the Christian must be armed, ‘That ye may be able to stand’; the nature of the War, and character of the Assailants; the Assailants described Positively; a Second Exhortation to Arm, and an Argument urging the Exhortation; First Piece—The Christian’s Spiritual Girdle; Sincerity strengthens the Christian’s Spirit; Second Piece—The Christian’s Breastplate; Third Piece—The Christian’s Spiritual Shoe. Vol 2: Fourth Piece—The Christian’s Spiritual Shield; the Saint’s Enemy Described; Fifth Piece—The Christian’s Helmet; Sixth Piece—The Christian’s Sword; the necessary duty of the Christian, as clothed in the Whole Armour of God: or, how the Spiritual Panoply may alone be kept furbished; How to perform the duty commanded—a directory for prayer; the Inward Principle of Prayer; the Duty of every Christian in complete Armour to aid by Prayer.

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