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Gerstner, J.H. – Theology for Everyman


This is an 11 chapter work on various theological issues. These chapters are basically 3 and 4 point teachings or sermons that are shorter in nature.

Evaluation by David Cox

This is basically sermons, and Dr. Gerstner is a Reformed Theologian. I understand his effort here, but the reader should very clearly understand that this is not an elaborate Systematic Theology book, but just 11 sermons on theology, which in themselves are very good. Shortness or being an overview is their strong point. I recommend this work although I usually put a warning on Reformed and Calvinistic authors. I did not find that his single chapter on “God’s Providence” not to be a heavy belaboring of the points of Calvinism, but fair treatment. Frankly, I think that as humans we must “back off” or “take a step back from” election, predestination, and the rest of that. Simply put, there are a lot of the things in the eternal mind that we cannot fathom here and now, and probably never, even in heaven. We should note generally what God says about it, but refrain from doing intensive logistics on that, making a lot of speculation that we simply cannot say for sure. What may seem logic to us, or illogical to us, is perfect for God, or “beyond us.” The disciples could not understand the logic of Jesus going to Jerusalem knowing that his enemies would plot to kill him, and Jesus says as a prophet, “and they will kill me, for I go to die”. While that was beyond men’s reasoning then, today we understand it better. I like Gerstner’s work, and the one “great” fault I find with it is that I wish he had elaborated his thoughts for a work 10 times larger. I recommend this work.

Chapter Content of Theology for Everyman

Everyman Must be a Theologian
God’s Providence: A Two-edged Sword
Sin Makes No Racial Distinctions
Jesus Christ: The God-Man
Atonement: How Jesus Paid It All
Justification by Faith: Twofold Salvation
Sanctification: Christianizing the Christian
Assurance: How We Know That We Know Christ
The Church: Body of Christ
The Future: Gulf Between Two Worlds
The Way: Straight and Narrow

Baxter Directions for a Peaceful Death
is an article of 15 points on a Christian approaching his death and what he should be thinking about. This theme is good for the sick, but everybody should also meditate on these things. (Baxter is reformed).

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Gerstner-john-h Bok
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pc85 Carl Jung and Psychology
explains the origin of Psychology with spiritist Jung, which had contact with a spiritual guide. Psychology is from a spiritist, who got the "science" of psychology (which is in no way a science or scientific) from a spirit, Philemon. (This is a demon speaking to a human, which is a medium, and prohibited in the Old Testament.) I analyze what Jung says with Scripture.
Topics: The Foundation of Psychology | Psychology is not a True Science | Psychology versus Psychoanalysis | The True Origin of Psychology: Philemon | Darkness versus Light | Ying and Yang | What Fellowship does Light have with Darkness? | Spiritism is Prohibited | Conclusion
pc85 Carl Jung and Psychology.

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