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Broadus, A.B. – Lectures on the History of Preaching

Lectures on the History of Preaching
by John A. Broadus, D.D., LL.D.

Professor in the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Greenville, SC.

In this 5 Chapter work by Broadus (Baptist), he examines the history of preaching in Bible, in the early years, in the medieval and reformation, in the French and English pulpits.



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LECTURE I. Specimens of Preaching in the Bible
Design of the lectures
Judah before Joseph
Moses and Joshua
The Prophets
John the Baptist
Our Lord as a Preacher
Relation to the common mind
Use of paradox and hyperbole
Tone and spirit
The Epistles
His style
Christian Rhetoric

LECTURE II. Preaching in the Early Christian Centuries
First period
Second century
Informal preaching
Forgotten laborers
Not many wise
As scholar and teacher
As to allegorizing
As a preacher
Second period
Ephraem Syrus
Basil the Great
Gregory Nazianzen
General remarks, as to entrance on the ministry
As to education
A Theological Seminary
As to Christian classics
Blank after Chrysostom and Augustine

LECTURE III. Medieval and Reformation Preaching

Reasons for attention to Medieval Preaching
Peter the Hermit
St. Bernard
Dominicans and Franciscans
Antony of Padua
Thomas Aquinas
Why all in twelfth and thirteenth centuries
Huss and Savonarola
Reformation Preaching
A revival of preaching
A revival of Biblical and expository preaching
Of controversial preaching
Of preaching upon the doctrines of grace
Contrast between Luther and Calvin
Yet both great preachers
Calvin as a commentator and a preacher
Luther as a preacher
Personality in preaching
Public debates
Anabaptist preachers, viz,
Use of printing to aid preaching

LECTURE IV. The Great French Preachers
Keltic eloquence
Age of Louis XIV
Prosperity of France
An age of great intellectual activity
Of elegant general literature
Excellence of the French language
Catholics stimulated by the Reformed and by the Jansenists
The king’s penchant for eloquent preaching
Fashionable to admire pulpit eloquence
Low stage of the Catholic pulpit before Bossuet
Able Reformed preachers before Bossuet, viz.
Du Moulin
Du Bosc
Decline of the French pulpit in the eighteenth century
Eloquent French preachers in the nineteenth century
Certain faults of the great French preachers
Letter from M. Bersier

LECTURE V. The English Pulpit
Five periods
John Knox
Decline after the Reformation
Revival in the next century
Jeremy Taylor
John Howe
Threatened decline in the eighteenth century
Atterbury, Watts, Doddridge
Robert Robinson
Robert Hall
Christmas Evans
William Jay
Recent English preachers
Expository Preachers
Importance of reading old books
Suggestions for the future, viz.
As to Physical Science and Theology
Reaction from skepticism
Humanity of Christ
Humanitarian and liberal tendencies
Freedom as to methods of preaching
Love of sensation
Genuine eloquence


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