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Allen Judah’s Sceptre Joseph’s Birthright

Allen-Judah’s sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright

By J. H. ALLEN (1902)

An Analysis of the Prophecies of the Scriptures in regard to the Royal Family of Judah and the Many Nations of Israel, the Lost Ten Tribes

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TABLE OF CONTENTS of Allen Judah’s Sceptre Joseph’s Birthright

Photos and Illustrations

PART FIRST – The Birthright; Or, The Promise Of Many Nations To Abraham

I. Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright
II. Race Versus Grace
III. The Sceptre and The Birthright
IV. Jacob’s Seed Divided Into Two Kingdoms
V. All Israelites Are Not Jews
VI. The Broken Brotherhood
VII. Ephraim-Samaria — Israel’s Idolatry
VIII. Samaria-Israel Cast Out And Cast Off
IX. The Jews Go To Babylon And Return
X. Joseph-Israel Lost
XI. Joseph-Israel — (Continued)

PART SECOND – The Sceptre; Or, The Promise Of A Perpetuated House, Throne, And Kingdom To David

I. The Sceptre And The Davidic Covenant
II. Jeremiah’s Call And Commission
III. The Tearing Down And Rooting Out
IV. Vindication Of The Personal Promises Of Jeremiah
V. A Royal Remnant That Escapes
VI. The Prince Of The Scarlet Thread
VII. The “Prince Of The Scarlet Thread” And “The Royal Remnant” United

PART THIRD – The Veil Lifted From Abrahamic Nations

I. Lost Israel And The First Overturn Located
II. Jacob’s Pillow-Pillar Stone
III. The Other Overturns
IV. Dan –The Serpent’s Trail
V. Israel In The Isles
VI. A Few More Identities
VII. A Study In “Scarlet”
VIII. Egypt-Israelitish And Anglo-Saxon Emblems
IX. The Two-Fold Aspect Of Prophetic Israel
X. The Coming Exodus


Allen Judah’s Sceptre Joseph’s Birthright

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