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Beet, J.A. – Holiness: Symbolic and Real

Holiness: Symbolic and Real

a Bible Study
by Joseph Agar Beet, D.D.

  • Sanctify them in the Truth. . . . On their behalf I sanctify Myself, in order that also they may themselves be sanctified.” Joh 17:17, 19.
  • May the God of peace Himself sanctify you. . . .  Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it.” 1Th 5:23-24.
  • It is written, Ye shall be holy: because I am holy.” 1Pe 1:16.

This is a general study on holiness in the Bible. Beet looks at holiness in the different divisions of the Old Testament and New Testament, as well as in the Septuagint version and the Apocrypha. He then turns to the holiness of Christ, and then the servants of Christ. Then he looks at the life devoted to God, and other general concepts of holiness (in Christ, by Faith, as opposed to sin, growth in holiness, the holiness of God, and Holiness in the Methodist Revival).

Table of CONTENTS for Holiness: Symbolic and Real

Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit is a work of 5 chapters by the editor of the Scofield Bible, C.I. Scofield. He was a great biblical scholar. I am presenting this work in various formats.
PDF: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
theWord: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
eSword: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
MySword: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit

Preface 2
Chapter 1. Introductory 5
Chapter 2. Holiness in the Books of the Law 7
Chapter 3. Holiness in the Other Books of the Old Testament 13
Chapter 4. Holiness in the Septuagint Version and in the Apocrypha 19
Chapter 5. Holiness in the New Testament 22
Chapter 6. Holiness of Christ 23
Chapter 7. The Holiness of the Servants of Christ 27
Chapter 8. The New Life of Devotion to God 32
Chapter 9. Sanctification in Christ 35
Chapter 10. Sanctification by Faith 40
Chapter 11. Holiness as Opposed to Sin 44
Chapter 12. Growth in Holiness 49
Chapter 13. The Holiness of God 54
Chapter 14. Holiness in the Methodist Revival 63
General Index 76

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    Beet-holiness symbolic and real
    Beet-holiness symbolic and real
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