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Fleming Bible Lands Then and Now

Fleming Bible Lands Then and Now

by Don Fleming

Summary of Fleming Bible Lands Then and Now

Abraham’s homeland is present-day Iraq; the Palestine of Jesus’ ministry is today a land of turmoil. This book gives a brief but instructive view of Bible lands – from Mesopotamia to Palestine, from North Africa to Syria, from Asia Minor to Italy – then and now.

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Evaluation by David Cox

I have but one complaint about this work, it is too short. I want more. This work is a modern work on the land of Israel relating them back to Bible days. Although the entries are rather more on the short side than long side, they are good Bible dictionary “definitions”. Like I said, this is more like an introduction on each of the Bible places, and Fleming did not go into greater depth on these, but he does usually have a half dozen to dozen Bible references at the end of each entry like footnotes to things mentioned in the text.

I would definitely recommend this work, and most specifically for the serious Bible student to add to his Bible Geography library.

Chapter Content

Mesopotamia 3
‘Great Babylon, which I have built’ 4
Rise and fall of Assyria 5
From favour to hostility 6
God’s sovereign control 7
From ‘Canaan’ to ‘Palestine’ 8
Ancestral homeland 9
‘O Jerusalem, Jerusalem’ 10
Regal ambitions 11
Towards a wider world 12
Side by side 13
Hope out of Galilee 14
Small river, deep valley 15
Balm in Gilead? 16
Views across Jordan 17
The cost of pride 18
Upheaval in Arabia 19
Power, control and self-interest 20
Land of bondage 21
Out of Africa 22
New directions 23
Israel’s northern neighbours 24
Cities by the sea 25
The power of language 26
One empire after another 27
Syrian Christians 28
Across the mountains 29
Evangelism in Turkey 30
People of influence 31
The great divide 32
Civilization and the cross 33
From vibrant outreach to dead orthodoxy 34
Islands 35
Looking west 36
Rome and beyond 37
Map: The world of the Bible story 38
Map: Palestine of the Bible story 39

© Don Fleming 2002
All Rights Reserved
ISBN 0 947342 24 9
Bridgeway Publications
GPO Box 2547
Brisbane 4001

Fleming Bible Lands Then and Now

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