MacDuff, J.R. – An Old Testament Chapter in Providence and Grace

Eventide at Bethel; or, The Night-dream of the Desert

An Old Testament Chapter in Providence and Grace

By John MacDuff, 1878

In this 18 chapter work by MacDuff, he examines an OT case of Providence and Grace, Bethel.

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Dedicated to all on the journey of life–especially to those just starting on their pilgrimage.


1. Preface
2. Outset From Home
3. Home Memories And Their Lessons
4. Home Memories And Their Lessons (Continued)
5. The Certain Place
6. Night Shadows
7. The Pillow Of Stones
8. The Night-Dream
9. The Ministering Angels
10. The God Above The Ladder
11. Jehovah’s Name
12. The Promise
13. The Given Presence
14. The Waking, And Waking Exclamation
15. The Morning Consecration
16. The Vow
17. The Renewed Journey
18. Bethel Revisited

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