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Beauchamp Days of Blessing in Inland China

Days of Blessing in Inland China
by Beauchamp, M.
A tremendous record of the Cambridge Seven and J Hudson Taylor in Shan-si province, China during a period of revival. It contains first-hand accounts of the early ministries of C T Studd, Pastor Hsi, Cecil Polhill etc.

Chapters in Beauchamp Days of Blessing in Inland China

Introduction – by J Hudson Taylor
Chapter 1 – A Visit to Shan-si by J Hudson Taylor
Chapter 2 – Preliminary Meetings
Chapter 3 – Tuesday Morning, July 6th
Chapter 4 – Tuesday Evening, July 6th
Chapter 5 – Thursday Evening, July 8th
Chapter 6 – Friday Evening, July 9th
Chapter 7 – Monday Morning, July 12th
Chapter 8 – Monday Evening, July 12th
Chapter 9 – Tuesday Morning, July 13th
Chapter 10 – Wednesday Morning, July 14th
Chapter 11 – Journey of Hung-T’Ung by Stanley P. Smith
Chapter 12 – Hung-T’Ung Conference, August 1st & 2nd
Chapter 13 – The P’Ing-Yang Fu Conference, August 5th & 6th by Stanley P. Smith
Chapter 14 – A Visit to Pastor Hsi by Stanley P Smith
Chapter 15 – The Farewells by Stanley P. Smith
Chapter 16 – After the Conferences by Stanley P. Smith
Chapter 17 – Hope for the Future: A Letter from J. W. Stevenson
Chapter 18 – Since the Conferences by J. Hudson Taylor
Chapter 19 – Further Blessing
Chapter 20 – Testimony of George B. Studd
Chapter 21 – Letters from Hoh-Chau
Chapter 22 – Work North of the Great Wall
Chapter 23 – Work South of the Capital
Chapter 24 – The Conclusion
Beauchamp-days-of-blessing-inland-china Bok
Beauchamp-days-of-blessing-inland-china Bok
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