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Beauchamp Days of Blessing in Inland China

Days of Blessing in Inland China
by Beauchamp, M.
A tremendous record of the Cambridge Seven and J Hudson Taylor in Shan-si province, China during a period of revival. It contains first-hand accounts of the early ministries of C T Studd, Pastor Hsi, Cecil Polhill etc.

Chapters in Beauchamp Days of Blessing in Inland China

Introduction – by J Hudson Taylor
Chapter 1 – A Visit to Shan-si by J Hudson Taylor
Chapter 2 – Preliminary Meetings
Chapter 3 – Tuesday Morning, July 6th
Chapter 4 – Tuesday Evening, July 6th
Chapter 5 – Thursday Evening, July 8th
Chapter 6 – Friday Evening, July 9th
Chapter 7 – Monday Morning, July 12th
Chapter 8 – Monday Evening, July 12th
Chapter 9 – Tuesday Morning, July 13th
Chapter 10 – Wednesday Morning, July 14th
Chapter 11 – Journey of Hung-T’Ung by Stanley P. Smith
Chapter 12 – Hung-T’Ung Conference, August 1st & 2nd
Chapter 13 – The P’Ing-Yang Fu Conference, August 5th & 6th by Stanley P. Smith
Chapter 14 – A Visit to Pastor Hsi by Stanley P Smith
Chapter 15 – The Farewells by Stanley P. Smith
Chapter 16 – After the Conferences by Stanley P. Smith
Chapter 17 – Hope for the Future: A Letter from J. W. Stevenson
Chapter 18 – Since the Conferences by J. Hudson Taylor
Chapter 19 – Further Blessing
Chapter 20 – Testimony of George B. Studd
Chapter 21 – Letters from Hoh-Chau
Chapter 22 – Work North of the Great Wall
Chapter 23 – Work South of the Capital
Chapter 24 – The Conclusion
Beauchamp-days-of-blessing-inland-china Bok
Beauchamp-days-of-blessing-inland-china Bok
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evc06 The Young Age of the Earth
We explain why scientific evidence supports a young earth against evolutions long time spans. Evolutionists insist on extremely long time spans in earth's past and formation, because evolution "is not seen", i.e., there is no present evidence of the evolutionary theory process today. So they insert time such that no scientist can study it nor observe it. This tract clears this point up from a creationist's point of view. God formed the earth instantly, not over long time spans.
Topics: The Salinity of the Oceans | Time is important | The Long Spans of Time | Bayes Law | First law of Thermodynamics | Second law of Thermodynamics | The Error of Presuming that everything continues Today as It Happened in the Past | Topsoil Testimony | The Accumulation of Space Dust on Meteors | The Sun, the Meteors, and the Moon | The Magnetic Field | The Deterioration in the Rotation of the Earth | Helium in the Atmosphere | The Process to Discern Age by Carbon 14.
Read the Tract: evc06 The Young Age of the Earth.

Dagg Manual of Theology is a theology work in 2 volumes by J.L. Dagg a Reformed Southern Baptist. It is an extensive, very ample presentation of doctrines.
This is an extensive Bible Systematic Theology (Bible Doctrines book) from a conservative point of view.
Read/Download: now with pdf download link. 50,000 views on this page with download link

MySwordmodules is a website dedicate to the MySword Bible Program for Androird devices. We host MySword Modules.

Give a Cup of Water in my Name
Matthew 10:42 And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

Christians who give even a small cup of water will not lose their reward for doing this. God will not overlook their effort to help others in the work of the Lord. To help others is rewarded by God, especially when you are helping the weak, the small young ones (think new believers), the helpless like widows in the Bible, those who cannot provide for themselves. So, my websites are for these kinds of people. I am providing material that is good sound doctrinal material, fundamentalist, conservative, biblical material.

But what I am doing is in the name of the Lord. I am not trying to get rich, but I am just trying to pay my bills from this ministry. My wife and I have personally supported our internet sites with my sermons, tracts, books, etc. and other good solid works for some 20 years now, paying for everything from our living expenses. We have had donations from some few people, about 3 or 4 a year, mostly under $30. That doesn't even begin to address the hundreds of dollars we pay hosting companies to maintain this ministry. While our downloads from these sites reach 40 gigabytes per month, donations don't seem to be in people's minds.

So even a small $5 donation to help us out will allow you to participate with me in this ministry, and you will receive rewards in eternity also. May God bless you richly in heaven for your generosity in promoting God's work. If you cannot donate anything, ⁣ that is alright, just say a prayer for this ministry and email me saying that you prayed for us so that we can give thanks for you before the throne of grace. Thank you.

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