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Baxter, R. – Studies for Young Christians

Studies for Young Christians,
Beginners in Religion
by Richard Baxter  (1615-1691)

This chapter consists of twenty directions to (as Mr. Baxter says) “young Christians or beginners in religion, for their establishment and safe proceeding.” Though these studies were written specifically for “young” Christians, I think that you will find (as I did), there is much in here worthy of meditation for those who have been walking with God for many years.


1. Concerning the Novelty of Godliness
2. Concerning Balance in Christianity
3. Labouring for Understanding
4. On Dealing with Controversy
5. On Spiritual Infancy and Christian Growth
6. On Difficulties and Opposition
7. On Living under a Good Pastor
8. On Unity Among Believers
9. Warnings Concerning Ill Effects of Affliction
10. On Avoiding Extremes
11. Encouraging Modest in First Opinions
12. On Division within the Church
13. On the Blessings of Godliness
14. On Sinful Desires
15. Concerning the Company you Keep
16. On what you let into your Mind
17. On Obeying God’s Law
18. On Backsliding
19. On the Awareness of Life’s Frailty
20. God as All

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pc68 Confidence or Worry Dealing with Stress
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MySwordmodules is a website dedicate to the MySword Bible Program for Androird devices. We host MySword Modules.

Old Carpenter Tools of his Trade
is an explanation of why I, Pastor-Missionary David Cox, write my own materials like tracts, books, sermons, Sunday School material, etc. We produce the material that we use in our ministry and also for evangelism.
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