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Larkin Dispensational Truth

Larkin Dispensational Truth is a famous and well known book of charts and maps explaining the different dispensations and what goes where.

Dispensational Truths
By Clarence Larkin

Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit is a 3 part, 15 Chapter work on various matters of the Holy Spirit. From the Deeper Life Movement
PDF:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.
theWord:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.
MySword:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.
eSword:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.

Dispensational Truth is an elaborate and exhaustive specimen of Biblical and Dispensational Cartography, containing 90 charts. It is the outcome of over 30 years of careful and patient study of the Prophetic Scriptures and aims to give not the opinions of men, but the teaching of the Word of God. Partial listing of Chapter Headings: The Prophetic Word; The Second Coming of Christ; The Present Evil Word; The Dispensational Work of Christ; The Spirit World; Spiritualism; The Resurrections; The Judgments; Satan; Antichrist; Babylon the Great; The Three Trees to Which Israel is Compared in Scripture; and The Signs of the Times. Illustrated by the author.


a. Title Page
b. Foreword
1. the Prophetic Word
2. Pre-Millennialism
3. Mountain Peaks of Prophecy
4. the Second Coming of Christ
5. Rightly Dividing the Word
6. the Present Evil, World
7. the Dispensational Work of Christ
8. the Dispensational Work of the Holy Spirit
9. the Jews
10. The Gentiles
11. The Church
12. The King
13. The Kingdom
14. The Spirit World
15. Spiritualism
16. The Resurrections
17. The Judgements
18. Satan
19. Anti Christ
20. The Satanic Trinity
21. The Four Gospels
22. The Seven Churches
23. The Tribulation
24. Babylon the Great
23. Renovation of the Earth
26. The Covenants
27. The Mysteries
28. Types and Antitypes
29. The Three Trees to Which Israel, is Compared in Scripture
30. The Feasts of the Lord
31. The Offerings
32. The Dispensational Teachings of the Great Pyramid
33. Scripture Numerics
34. The Signs of the Times


1. the Ages as Viewed from Different Standpoints
2. the Mountain Peaks of Prophecy
3. the Perspective of Prophecy
4. the Two Comings
5. the Two Stages of the Coming
6. Time Element of the Comings
7. 7000 Years of Human History
8. Rightly Dividing the Word
9. Relation of Jew, Gentile and Church to Each Other
10. The Times and Seasons
11. The Creation of the Earth
12. Generation
13. Six Days of Re-Creation
14. First Day (Cosmic Light)
15. Second Day (Firmament
16. Third Day (Land and Vegetation)
17. Fourth Day (Solar Light Restored)
18. Fifth Day (Fish, and Fowl)
19. Sixth Day (Animals and Man)
20. Diagram of the Eight Works the Six Days
21. The Seven Cosmic Phases of the Earth
22. Degeneration
23. Edenic Dispensation
24. Book of Genesis
25. Antediluvian Dispensation
26. Post-Diluvian Dispensation
27. Patriarchal Dispensation
28. Legal Dispensation
29. Ecclesiastical Dispensation
30. The Tribulation
31. Dispensation of Judgment
32. Regeneration
33. Messianic Dispensation
34. Perfect Dispensation
35. The World’s Seven Great Crises
36. The Prophetic Days of Scripture
37. Greater Life and Work of Christ
38. The Heavenly Tabernacle
39. The Jews
40. Book of Exodus
41. The Royal Grant to Abraham
42. Book of Daniel
43. Prophetical Chronology
44. Daniel’s Seventy Weeks
45. Map of Old Roman Empire
46. The Gentile Nations
47. The Church
48. Failure of Christianity
49. God’s Eternal Purpose: as to the Earth
50. The King
51. Book of Matthew
52. Kingdom of God Vs. Kingdom of Heaven
53. The Kingdom
54. The Church Vs. The Kingdom
55. Kingdom of Heaven Parables
56. The Millennial Land
57. Book of Ezekiel
58. The Spirit World
59. Three Fold Nature of Man
60. The Three Tabernacles
61. The Resurrections
62. First and Second Resurrection
63. Resurrections and Judgments
64. Judgement and Reward
65. Satan
66. Antichrist and Times of the Gentiles
67. The Four Gospels
68. When the New Testament Books Were Written
69. Book of Revelation
70. Messages to the Seven Churches (Large)
71. The Seven Churches
72. Messages to the Seven Churches (Small)
73. Daniel’s Seventieth Week
74. Daniel and Revelation Compared
75. The Three Stages of the Earth
76. Renovation of the Earth
77. The Holy City–New Jerusalem
78. The Covenants
79. The Mysteries
80. Five Finger’s Pointing to Christ
81. Types and Antitypes
82. “as” and “So”
83. The Feasts of the Lord
84. The Tabernacle
85. Book of Leviticus
86. Great Pyramid
87. Vertical Section of Great Pyramid
88. Christ and the Saints Compared to the Heavenly Bodies
89. The Weeks of Scripture
90. The Signs of the Times




1. The Fall
2. the Passover
3. Michael and the Dragon
4. the White Horse Rider
5. Daniel’s Fourth Wild Beast
6. Ram and He Goat
7. Four Horned Ram
8. Paul’s Man of Sin
9. John’s Beast
10. The Scarlet Woman
11. The False Prophet
12. Image of the Beast
13. The Sun Clothed Woman
14. The Altar
15. The Church
16. Sealed Lamb
17. Frogs
18. The Vine
19. The Fig Tree
20. The Olive
21. The Last Trump

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