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Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come

Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come is from the Salvation Army tradition and Brengle was part of the Deeper Life Movement.

Contents Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come



Dagg Doctrine of God is a 14 chapter work on the Person of God, His existence, His Attributes, which are Unity, Spirituality, Omnipresence, eternity, immutability, Omniscience, Omnipotence, Goodness, Truth, Justice, Holiness, Wisdom.
PDF: Dagg Doctrine of God
theWord: Dagg Doctrine of God
MySword: Dagg Doctrine of God
eSword: Dagg Doctrine of God

  1. Who Is He?
  2. Preparing His House
  3. Is the Baptism with the Holy Spirit a Third Blessing?
  4. The Witness of the Spirit
  5. Purity
  6. Power
  7. Trying the Spirits
  8. Guidance
  9. The Meek and Lowly Heart
  10. Hope
  11. The Holy Spirit’s Substitute for Gossip and Evil-Speaking
  12. The Sin Against the Holy Ghost
  13. Offences Against the Holy Ghost
  14. The Holy Spirit and Sound Doctrine
  15. Praying in the Spirit
  16. Characteristics of the Anointed Preacher
  17. Preaching
  18. The Sheathed Sword: A Law of the Spirit
  19. Vicotry through the Holy Spirit Over Suffering
  20. The Overflowing Blessing
  21. Importance of the Doctrine and Experience of Holiness to Spiritual Leaders
  22. Victory Over Evil Temper by the Power of the Holy Spirit

Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come

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Why do I Attend Church? Biblical Reasons for attending and participating in Church.

Description: Salvation, in part, is communing with the saints.
TOPICS: Salvation is to be part of the Redeemed | Who do you get together with? | What do you declare with your actions? | God's Worship | God's Praise | The Sacrifices: Singing with Joy | The Sacrifices: The Offerings | The Sacrifices: The Prayer | A Community of Perfect Love (Fraternal Love) | Serving the Brethren | Heavenly Clothes: Good Works Here.
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Why do I Attend Church? Biblical Reasons for attending and participating in Church

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