Bellett, L.M. – Recollections of the Late J.G. Bellett by His Daughter

Recollections of the Late J.G. Bellett by His Daughter: With Sequel
By L.M. Bellett (daughter of J.G. Bellett)

This is a 9 chapter work by Bellett’s (Brethren) daughter on the life of John Bellett


CONTENTS of Biography of J.G. Bellett

1. Preface
2. Early Days
3. Domestic Life-Joys and Sorrows
4. Characteristics-Remembered Words
5. Letters-Thoughts on Passages of Holy Scripture
6. Interest in the “Revival”-Hymns
7. Loosening of Earthly Ties
8. Closing Days
9. Conclusion: The Memory of a Dearly Loved and Only Son

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Bellett-recollections-of-late-j-g-bellett Bok
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