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Anonymous – Cleared-Up Contradictions in the Bible

Cleared-Up Contradictions in the Bible

Cleared-Up Contradictions in the Bible

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Anon-cleared-up-contradictions Bok
Anon-cleared-up-contradictions Bok
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Kimble, E. – Alleged Discrepancies in the Bible

Alleged Discrepancies in the Bible
Eugene Kimble, Ph.D.

Some critics of the Bible say there are discrepancies in the numbers found in the Bible, therefore the Bible is unreliable and not accurate. I propose that such alleged discrepancies in the numbers reported in the Bible can be resolved with diligent study and illumination by the Holy Spirit.

Here are ten examples of alleged numeric discrepancies and their resolutions that prove this hypothesis… (See module for more)…

This is a very short (6 page) examination of some of the supposed discrepancies in the numbers given in the Old Testament about various events. Continue reading

Kimble-alleged-discrepancies-in-the-bible Bok
Kimble-alleged-discrepancies-in-the-bible Bok
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